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Time Is Passing

Author: David Booker
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The final book of the Time Is series. A visit to San Francisco coincides with the Great Earthquake and the team are their to assist. A small trip to the Picnic War doesn’t quite go as planned and another visit to 2622 Guild becomes dramatic when a giant meteor is headed straight for the earth. Can they save the planet or only the people of the earth and where or when can they send them?


Here is the final book of the time is series. The Guild of Travelers, past, present, and future are going on some of their most exciting trips. Take a trip to the San Francisco Earthquake and experience what it was like. After which they attempt to assist in the rescue effort bringing food and comfort. Lana and Zeke are pregnant, and the time trips are taking an unexpected toll. The Guild of 2622 is in dire straights when they experience disastrous effects from 300 years in time lock. It’s up to their newest member Doc Warner to come to their aid. Oh, the earth is in danger of elimination from an enormous meteor and it is up to all the guilds to rescue the Earth or at least the people of the Earth.

About David Booker

David Booker is a history enthusiast with a fascination on how people through history lived there daily lives. through extensive research in every mode he could use he has placed his research into the seven books of the Time Is series. He has also turned his pen to the writing of short stories. Humor, Horror, Mysteries, Rants and Thoughts all permeate through the A Glimpse of My Shorts books.

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