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Time Is Once More

Author: David Booker
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Book four of the Time Is series. The next generation take over and with new blood come new ideas, Not only history but they visit Mars as well and see what the inhabitants were like. Trips through history and out to the stars, what could be better?


The original group of the Guild of Travelers is passing the torch to the next generation. With new blood comes new ideas and the guild takes on new challenges. From going back in time the next generation want to spread out and see more then their predecessors. A visit to Mars when it was populated is their first trip. The results are surprising as they discover how this planet was populated. A look in on cave people would have gone off without a hitch except the translator is a little off. With each trip comes new adventures and new discoveries. They get bored and want to visit a blow out party and agree the Field of Cloth and Gold is the biggest party they can find. Luckily Don has an in with the King of France to get them in. Don and his friend go on a rescue mission, first to rescue his son and then to rescue the sons of the King of France, Francis the first. Join our friends as they travel and party through history and beyond!

About David Booker

David Booker is a history enthusiast with a fascination on how people through history lived there daily lives. through extensive research in every mode he could use he has placed his research into the seven books of the Time Is series. He has also turned his pen to the writing of short stories. Humor, Horror, Mysteries, Rants and Thoughts all permeate through the A Glimpse of My Shorts books.

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David Booker


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