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Codename Wolfhound

Author: Justin Tuijl

1968, Bernhart Smith is an assassin with a head injury. Comes round in Goa, India, not knowing what the gun and the photos mean. He heads to Bombay to find answers. More


Goa, India, March 1968. Bernhart Smith has a head injury, he is unsure who he is supposed to kill but the photographs he has are some sort of hint. Heading to Bombay, he searches for a meaning to his existence as an assassin and his search for his true love Charlotte. Bernhart finds more confusion and fear than he could have expected in Bombay and he still needs to find what happened to his ex-navy gunboat the Wolfhound. Set in modern times and in 1968, Codename Wolfhound will have you turning pages to discover the final secrets and answers. This story contains violence, adult language, and somewhat graphic sexual situations.

About Justin Tuijl

Justin Tuijl is a writer, webdesigner and conservationist, who lives with his actress and artist wife TyLean in the Highlands of Scotland, in an off grid old church that is falling down and is renovating it to be a venue for arts and language. He recently completed a degree in creative writing at the University of East London. He writes novels, short stories, poems, non-fiction and articles. He is currently working on three novels and prefers action thrillers as a genre. Poems are mostly confessional or avant-garde.

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