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Bad Girls: Five Tales of Twisted Teens

Author: Dawn Colclasure


The days of being tormented are over. Five girls find the power to fight back against those who thought it was okay to hurt them. More


“The best kind of revenge is the kind that no one would expect.”Five girls have been tormented by people who thought it was okay to hurt them.They never expected them to fight back.The victim would never fight back.The loser would never fight back.The plain Jane would never fight back.The freak would never fight back.And the abandoned would never fight back.But they do.Not only do they fight back, but they delight in freeing their inner monsters on anyone who hurts them —The abusersThe bulliesThe fake friendsFive girls find the power within themselves to fight back and get their revenge on all of them. And make sure their tormentors pay.

About Dawn Colclasure

Dawn Colclasure started writing at a young age and ever since has a collection of hundreds of poems, songs, essays, articles and short stories. She founded a poetry club while in her teens, where she also edited and published their quarterly magazine, and had poetry published in anthologies and various magazines. She entered the professional writing world while in college, writing for her local newspaper while also working in the college newspaper department, then taking on a writing gig for a weekly webzine. During this time, she also wrote articles for her local newspaper. She has also worked as a freelance writer, writing for magazines as well as E-zines, as well as the national newspaper for the deaf and HOH, SIGNews. She also joined the team of writers for the Shadowlands site, writing about ghosts and hauntings. Writing a series of interviews for the website Write From Home inspired her to put together interviews for her book, BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OIL: How We Survive as Writing Parents, which was published in 2004. That same year, her second nonfiction book arrived: 365 Tips For Writers: Inspiration, Writing Prompts and Beat The Block Tips to Turbo Charge Your Creativity. Her two poetry books, Take My Hand and Topiary Dreams, are both products of her self-publishing ventures. Currently, she is writing more nonfiction books, more novels, more poetry collections and children’s books. Her other writing endeavors include scriptwriting, songs and essays. While being profoundly deaf as well as a burn survivor, she has found that these challenges have helped her to work harder for success in establishing a writing career and find new ways to work around communication challenges. She lives with her husband and children in Oregon. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books on a variety of subjects as well as cooking, playing board games, watching movies, exploring, learning new things and spending time with friends.

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Dawn Colclasure


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