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Time Is Changing

Author: David Booker
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The History Books have got a lot wrong and it is up to the Guld of Travelers to correct them. That means plenty of trips to see how things really were. The Next Generation of travelers visit the future and discover a world that needs help. Teaming up with the Guild of 2622 they work to set the world to rights.


The idea of time travel has been around forever. A long time ago Scott Lemuel and Don Skelton decided to create a time machine or as Scott called it a Temporal Correlation Vector Transport Device. With this they traveled through time and space exploring, experiencing and eating. As more people joined them a Guild of Travelers was formed. Now they could use their knowledge and discoveries to correct the History books. Don has been leading it for a long time now and has held the Guild to his vision. For sometime the Guild has been losing it’s energy and vision. Don has realized it’s time to let go and let the younger team take over. With new blood comes new ideas and a new direction. Now the past present and future are open to discovery. The way is also open to an exploration of other planets. That is if they can find the time. When traveling to 2622 they discover the earth is in dire need of assistance. The two Guilds team up to do what they do best. What they do and what they find is all inside this latest book of the Time Is series. Oh, there is now a prank war going on with the Guild of Travelers from 2622. This should prove interesting.

About David Booker

David Booker is a history enthusiast with a fascination on how people through history lived there daily lives. through extensive research in every mode he could use he has placed his research into the seven books of the Time Is series. He has also turned his pen to the writing of short stories. Humor, Horror, Mysteries, Rants and Thoughts all permeate through the A Glimpse of My Shorts books.

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