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Author: Leah Rhoades


Investigating her old mentor for crimes against her werewolf pack bring back old, painful memories for Dani. Worse, it uncovers shocking truths about the past she’s not ready to learn. Can Dani and Rafe finally explore the heat they should have felt years ago amidst leadership filled with betrayal?


It’s too bad Dani can’t use her powers as a werewolf to heal emotional wounds as she can physical ones.
As an investigator for her wolf pack, she must confront Rafe, who is leading a rebellion against the Wolf King. And Rafe is the last person she wants to see. His rejection of her years ago still stings. Now, she finds herself forced once again into the presence of the man who was once her mentor. She has a job to do, an important role to play in protecting the wolf pack, but at what price to herself?
Rafe remembers Dani all too well. Had he been wrong to reject her affection? Because, regardless of his denials, his protective instincts for Dani’s safety in the coming rebellion are beyond the bounds of mere platonic concern.
Dani must make a decision – either stand with Rafe against the Wolf King or serve her master and lose the only man she’s ever loved. She is torn because she must also consider what is best for her beloved pack.
Faced with a renewed passion and sexual tension that can’t be ignored, Dani and Rafe struggle to reconcile their feelings for each other and work to achieve a common goal – the safety of the pack. Can Dani forgive the past and rekindle a flame that’s never quite been doused, or will her hurt and Rafe’s regret cost them everything?

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