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Remarkable Prophecies of Zechariah

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Presented are the remarkable prophecies recorded in the last eight chapters of the book of Zechariah. They revealed to his generation what would happen at the fullness of time when the Lord Jesus Christ would save the world from sin.


The book of Zechariah was written when God’s chosen people was subject to the Persian Empire. Darius I was king at the time.The prophet admonishes the people not to repeat the sins of their forefathers. He promises that God would bless them. He would send them their King, who would come to them riding on a donkey and who would establish His rule over all the earth.Among Zechariah’s other amazing prophecies, we read: “They shall look upon Me, whom they have pierced.” We recall that this prophecy was fulfilled when a soldier pierced the side of Jesus as He was hanging on the cross.Note that this e-book, like all my works on the minor prophets, are simple presentations designed for people who are not acquainted with prophetic literature. Experts might be disappointed, but they might be interested in some of my analytic passages.This was more difficult than the other minor prophets that I treated, but I think that Lord gave me an insight into the meaning.

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Daniel Zimmermann was born in Merrill, Wisconsin, and grew up in Hustisford, Wisconsin. He was graduated as valedictorian from Northwestern College, Watertown, Wisconsin. His valedictory concerned the ancient philosopher Plotinus. Special honors were third place in an Eta Sigma Phi Greek composition contest and the Doctor Ott award.He was also graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. After serving as pastor for several years, he became a free lance writer. Because of the outstanding success of his Spanish poetry in Mexico, his biography was included in Who’s Who in the Midwest. He is also a former member of American Mensa.He is married to Merian, nee Ecot. The couple is residing in the Philippines.Daniel Zimmermann is the author of short stories and poetry. He also writes non-fiction, especially on literature, history, Christianity, and botany.

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