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Message of the Heart: Revelations by Dayananda Kandaswami


Two hundred and seventy five gems of wisdom from an enlightened being for daily meditation.


Once in a great while on planet Earth there is born a noble soul who, having lived many lifetimes, chooses to renounce material gain and dedicate his life to seeking and finding God. Those who actually experience God or attain Self Realization outside the realm of the time-space continuum are rare indeed. Such a being, by living his path without compromise, becomes the voice of God to the world.

Brother Daya Kandan was such a being, a living example of awakening and wisdom. Daya passed in 1995. For our benefit, he recorded some profound insights into the true nature of reality, and the true meaning and purpose of every life. We refer to him as The Sage.

Daya was was initiated into sannyasa (a life of renunciation) as a Hindu monk by his teacher Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (Gurudeva) and while living in Gurudeva’s monastery in Hawaii attained to the realization of the absolute, beyond time, space, and causation. Afterwards he left and wandered alone. However, he left behind a few words of wisdom to help us all. The purpose of this book is to honor him, and record his words for posterity. He should be regarded as one of the 20th century’s most remarkable mystics.

Sadhu Nadesan is retired and lives in Maryville Tennessee, and Kapaa Hawaii. He started traveling the world at age 17, and as a young man was a Hindu monk. He later married, graduated from UCSD in computer science, started a business, and worked in the entertainment industry creating software for 25 years. He has 3 grand children and 2 cats.

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