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God of Alphabets, Al-Huruf Al-Muqattah


God Almighty revelated Core Religion, Perennial Wisdom, and Universal Truth as simple, practical, and accessible. Abraham(s) Alphabet Symbols narrated them, Jesus(s) pointed to them and Quran represented them as Huruf Muqattah. The book unveils them and is written for all levels of audiences all around the Globe, with Simple vocabulary, narrative language, and more than 50 illustrational figures. More


God Almighty Tweets Universal Truth for laypeople, like us, to link together and help him in the destruction of injustice systems. WOW!! Elyon God Tweets!? Yes, without a doubt. The revelation is his Twitter page and Truth believers are Retweeting them. However, floods of fake Tweets vindicating systematic injustice, suppress us, from being sure about Truth.Keturah Project which is managed by some laypeople, found Abrahamic(s) Tweets introducing Alphabet as a Symbol of universal Truth. Jesus(s) ordered us to teach them to our children and Quran Retweeted the same Alphabet Symbols, called Huruf Muqattah.Keturah presents brief sequential reports on a book series called God of Alphabets.Book one is called N or A, Which was First? and is written for all levels of audiences all around the Globe, with:· Simple vocabulary and narrative language,· More than 50 illustrational figures.· More than 100 references and 300 expressive notes,· Precise validation pieces of evidence and reasons.Book one Introduces Symbol A Briefly but presents details about Symbol N as the story of Truth’s evolution. Again WOW!! Did Truth really evolve?! Of course, the tale of Symbol N simply starts with the first occurrence of Truth and narrates its evolution story. Symbol N represents a modern validated cosmology about the formation of the Milky Way and Earth. The evolution raises towards rainwater, life, human words, Life Water (water of life), Eternity, and practical links between us, nature, and the Throne.· Symbol N introduces some simple and low-cost actions for modern laypeople to struggle against systematic injustice.· Symbol N unveils the theory and practice of the unique core religion based on universal and tangible concepts of Truth.The book reports the first part of Keturah’s multidiscipline research not limited to Paleography, Epigraphy, Archeology, Egyptology, History, Cosmology, the Old and New Testaments, Quran, other sacred texts, and diverse scientific observations, theories, models, and simulations. The results are simple, practical, multilevel, and multithread principles not limited to some mentioned below:· Quran’s N decipherment as one of Huruf Muqattah,· St. John’s Revelation’s Alpha & Omega meaning,· Alphabet Symbols are a universal measure against systematic injustice,· The meaning and practice of fate in social media build the Large Scale and Global Linkage,· Earth’s rescue from Global Warming and its role in End Judgement,· Eternal human is different from human Eternity,· Unique core religion is the same as practical universal Truth,· Applied Truth is simple and practical which links laypeople together and to the Throne,· The reality of Life Water and purification by water is so simple and accessible,· …

About Keturah Project

God Almighty, 4 millenniums ago, chose a young woman called Keturah, to stand as a cornerstone of the promised Global Justice. We use the name referring to the wife of Abraham(s), mother of Ismael(s), and the unknown mother of Mecca. We ask our Lord to bless the Project by the holy name of Keturah. Additionally, Keturah has diverse inspiring meanings like incense, aroma, and smell of sacrifice. Keturah can reveal material transfiguration to the soul, setting it free to join Truth, raising towards Almighty God’s Throne, equal distribution of prosperity between community members, and such. More than 2 decades ago, the Keturah Project was started by private investment, to decipher the Alphabet Symbols of Quran called Huruf Al-Muqattah and did not cover the public domain. There existed multitudes of obstacles that ended with many falls and raises. Recent scientific observations and pieces of evidence encouraged Keturah to forward Abrahamic(s) discourse for Global Linkage or Global Spirit. What is Keturah’s Global Linkage? To be a member in groups of social media is a link although, sharing universal Truth and perennial discourse, is the ideal link, which ends with Global Linkage. Sharing perennial discourse means discussing practical, realistic, simple, tangible, and universal concepts. Perennial discourse is often supposed to such strange, mysterious and complicated however, it is clear, common sense, and easily conceived. It is not a discovery of hidden words nevertheless, widely and popularly used all around the Globe. An example is Pure Heart, a common sense practical concept and perennial human ideal. Many of us use Pure Heart as a personal slogan and nobody denies us because of universal acceptance deep in our hearts. Laypeople like us, never link it to any authority, often because we do not know the source. At least in monotheist cultures, the main source of Pure Heart discourse is Abraham(s), Sara, and Keturah. This family initiated Alphabet Symbols Project to forward practical perennial discourse between laypeople ended to our modern civilization. Maybe we do not recognize Alphabet Symbols as an IT project but it was the 5-generation internet of their era. Keturah Project reconstructs their Alphabet Symbols, translates them for the public domain, and publishes them as God of Alphabets, book series. Keturah does not finish by God of Alphabets, it is programmed as a universal project to end by Global Spirit. It is universal because everybody anywhere anytime thinks, speaks, writes, draws, forwards, or likes any part of Alphabet Symbols or practical perennial discourse, Keturah is growing. Of course, social media is an efficient channel to forward Keturah results but its visual symbols are ready to republish ever in the motion of a finger. Additionally, we should not overlook the natural symbols of Abraham(s) discourse like Sun, Moon, Sirius, snake, water … Forwarding Abraham(s) discourse covers diverse innovations.Ultimately, in our IT era, Abraham(s) discourse transfers by light speed and branches like flash. Therefore, we are standing before the last step of Global Justice that God Almighty promised Keturah when she was walking the first step. Growth acceleration is hard to estimate but it is high enough to encourage us, laypeople to hope for a much better future.Large Scale Linkage is the first result and is not far from us. This passage ends with easy wins against systematic injustice in national dictatorships or regional critics. The most critical systematic injustice is Global Warming & Resource Failure because our nobles planned an 80% worse future in Paris 2015. Thus, the rescue depends on laypeople’s sharing in Global Linkage. Finally, unveiling Abraham(s) discourse started and will complete by Keturah or others however; the number of days from now to our rescue depends on ourselves. Let us just start. Keturah, Sep. 2022

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