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For more than 50 years, Delaware Today has been the lifestyle authority in the First State. Our mission is to help people get the most out of living by being a valued resource for informative articles about the people, places and issues that m (12 Issues)


For more than 50 years, Delaware Today has been the lifestyle authority in the First State. Our mission is to help people get the most out of living by being a valued resource for informative articles about the people, places and issues that make Delaware so special. Every issue celebrates Delaware by covering dining, arts, entertainment, local happenings, health, signature events and more! As the state’s premier magazine, Delaware Today helps readers make informed decisions to enhance their lives.

In this captivating issue of Delaware Today Magazine, you’ll discover the vibrant essence of the state brought to life through captivating stories, intriguing interviews, and stunning photography. From uncovering hidden gems in the state’s diverse culinary scene to exploring the rich history and cultural heritage that Delaware offers, each page invites you to immerse yourself in the fascinating tapestry of this unique destination. Prepare to be inspired, entertained, and enlightened as you embark on a journey through the pages of Delaware Today Magazine.

History of Delaware Today Magazine

Founding of Delaware Today Magazine

Delaware Today Magazine was founded in 1966 as a monthly publication, making it one of the oldest magazines in the state. It was created with the intention of providing Delaware residents with a comprehensive source of information about their community. The magazine was the brainchild of a group of passionate individuals who recognized the need for a publication that celebrated the unique culture and identity of Delaware.

Early Years of Publication

In its early years, Delaware Today Magazine focused primarily on delivering news and information about local events and developments. The magazine aimed to keep readers informed about everything happening in their area, from politics and business to arts and culture. The publication quickly gained popularity and became a trusted source of information for the Delaware community.

Evolution and Growth of the Magazine

Over the years, Delaware Today Magazine has evolved and grown to meet the changing needs and desires of its readership. The magazine expanded its coverage to include a wide range of topics, reflecting the diverse interests of its audience. This dedication to change and growth has allowed the magazine to remain relevant and successful in an ever-changing media landscape.

Content and Features

Coverage of Delaware Events and News

One of the core pillars of Delaware Today Magazine is its comprehensive coverage of local events and news. From community festivals and fundraisers to political developments and business expansions, the magazine ensures that its readers are well-informed about the pulse of Delaware. Whether it’s a major event or a small gathering, Delaware Today Magazine strives to highlight and promote the many activities happening throughout the state.

Profiles of Delaware Personalities

Delaware Today Magazine takes pride in introducing its readers to the remarkable individuals who call Delaware home. The magazine regularly features profiles of notable Delawareans, including artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and community leaders. These engaging and insightful profiles give readers an opportunity to learn about the diverse personalities shaping the state and making a difference in their communities.

Restaurant and Dining Reviews

Delaware is known for its vibrant culinary scene, and Delaware Today Magazine embraces this by providing readers with in-depth restaurant and dining reviews. From fine dining establishments to hidden gems, the magazine’s expert reviewers explore a wide array of culinary offerings and share their experiences with readers. These reviews help locals and visitors alike in discovering the best dining options across the state.

Travel and Leisure Section

Delaware Today Magazine knows that Delaware has much to offer in terms of travel and leisure experiences. Whether it’s exploring the picturesque beaches of the Delaware coast or discovering the scenic landscapes of the state’s parks, the magazine’s travel section showcases the beauty and attractions of Delaware. Through detailed travel guides and recommendations, readers are inspired to plan their next adventure within the state.

Fashion and Shopping Coverage

Delaware Today Magazine understands the importance of fashion and shopping in the lives of its readers. The magazine brings the latest trends, style tips, and local shopping recommendations to its fashion-conscious audience. From showcasing local designers and boutiques to providing insights into seasonal must-haves, Delaware Today Magazine keeps readers informed and inspired when it comes to their personal style.

Home and Garden Section

For those interested in interior design, landscaping, and home improvement, Delaware Today Magazine’s Home and Garden section offers expert advice and inspiration. From featuring beautiful homes and gardens to providing tips on DIY projects and renovations, the magazine helps readers create their dream living spaces. With its focus on local resources and professionals, Delaware Today Magazine ensures that readers have access to the best home and garden services in the area.

Health and Wellness Features

Delaware Today Magazine understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and its Health and Wellness features provide readers with valuable information and guidance. From fitness tips and healthy recipes to expert advice on mental well-being and healthcare, the magazine strives to empower readers to make informed choices about their health. By featuring local health professionals and resources, Delaware Today Magazine helps readers find the support they need to live their best lives.

Arts and Culture Highlights

Delaware has a rich arts and culture scene, and Delaware Today Magazine celebrates this through its coverage of local artists, performers, and cultural events. The magazine showcases the diverse talents and creativity of Delaware’s artistic community, keeping readers connected to the latest exhibitions, performances, and cultural happenings. From visual arts to music and theater, Delaware Today Magazine ensures that readers stay informed about the vibrant cultural landscape of their state.

Business and Economy Coverage

Delaware Today Magazine recognizes the importance of the business community in driving the state’s economy forward. The magazine features in-depth coverage of local businesses, entrepreneurs, and economic developments, providing readers with insights into the state’s economic landscape. Through interviews, profiles, and analysis, Delaware Today Magazine offers a comprehensive understanding of the business world in Delaware and highlights the successes and challenges faced by local entrepreneurs.

Sports and Recreation Focus

Delaware Today Magazine showcases the sports and recreational opportunities available throughout the state. From profiles of local athletes and coverage of sporting events to recommendations for outdoor activities and fitness options, the magazine ensures that readers are aware of the many ways to stay active and engaged in Delaware. Whether it’s cheering for the local teams or discovering new ways to enjoy the great outdoors, Delaware Today Magazine keeps readers connected to the sports and recreation scene in their community.

Delaware Today Magazine’s Impact

Promoting Delaware

Delaware Today Magazine plays a vital role in promoting the state by showcasing its many attractions and achievements. Through its wide range of content, the magazine highlights the unique culture, events, businesses, and people that make Delaware such a special place. By sharing stories of success and innovation, Delaware Today Magazine showcases the state’s strengths and helps attract visitors, businesses, and talent to Delaware.

Influencing the Community

As a trusted source of information, Delaware Today Magazine has the power to influence and shape opinions within the community. Through its coverage of important issues, the magazine raises awareness and fosters dialogue on topics that impact the lives of Delaware residents. By providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives, Delaware Today Magazine helps create an informed and engaged community.

Celebrating Delaware Achievements

Delaware Today Magazine takes pride in celebrating the achievements of individuals, organizations, and businesses within the state. Through its profiles, features, and annual awards, the magazine recognizes those who have made significant contributions to Delaware’s growth and success. By highlighting their achievements, Delaware Today Magazine inspires others and creates a sense of pride and accomplishment within the community.

Distribution and Readership

Distribution Channels

Delaware Today Magazine reaches its audience through a variety of distribution channels. The magazine is available through subscription, which ensures that dedicated readers receive each issue directly in their mailboxes. Additionally, Delaware Today Magazine can be found in local bookstores, newsstands, and supermarkets, making it easily accessible to those who prefer to purchase individual issues. The magazine has also embraced digital distribution, with its online platform providing a convenient way for readers to access content from anywhere.

Target Audience

Delaware Today Magazine’s target audience primarily consists of Delaware residents who are interested in staying informed and engaged with their community. The magazine strives to provide content that appeals to a wide range of demographics, including professionals, families, retirees, and young adults. With its diverse and comprehensive coverage, Delaware Today Magazine ensures that there is something for everyone within its pages.

Readership Statistics

Delaware Today Magazine has a dedicated and loyal readership that continues to grow year after year. The magazine’s readership statistics reflect the strong connection and impact it has within the community. With a wide distribution network and a strong online presence, the magazine has been able to reach more readers and connect with a larger audience.

Awards and Recognition

National and Regional Awards

Delaware Today Magazine has received numerous awards and recognition from national and regional organizations. These accolades highlight the magazine’s excellence in journalism, writing, photography, and design. The awards serve as a testament to the high quality and impact of the magazine’s content, further solidifying its reputation as a trusted source of information and inspiration within the industry.

Reader Survey Results

Delaware Today Magazine regularly conducts reader surveys to gather feedback and insights from its audience. These surveys provide valuable information about reader preferences, interests, and satisfaction levels. By listening to its readers and incorporating their feedback, Delaware Today Magazine ensures that it remains relevant and engaging for its audience.

Contributions to the Journalism Industry

Delaware Today Magazine has made significant contributions to the journalism industry in Delaware and beyond. The magazine has been a training ground for aspiring journalists, providing them with valuable experience and opportunities to develop their skills. It has also served as a platform for local writers, photographers, and artists to showcase their talents. By nurturing local talent and supporting the growth of the journalism industry, Delaware Today Magazine continues to make a lasting impact.

Challenges and Opportunities

Competition from Digital Media

In today’s digital age, traditional print media faces the challenge of competing with online platforms and digital publications. Delaware Today Magazine recognizes the importance of adapting to this changing landscape and has embraced digital media as an opportunity for growth. The magazine has expanded its online presence, offering exclusive digital content, interactive features, and a user-friendly website to engage its audience in new and innovative ways.

Adapting to Changing Reader Preferences

As reader preferences and habits evolve, Delaware Today Magazine must continuously adapt its content and delivery methods to meet the needs of its audience. The magazine recognizes the importance of staying relevant and engaging, and it continually explores new topics, formats, and storytelling techniques to captivate its readers. By carefully studying reader feedback and market trends, Delaware Today Magazine is able to anticipate and respond to changing expectations.

Emerging Areas of Growth

Delaware Today Magazine identifies emerging areas of growth as opportunities to expand its reach and impact. By tapping into new and niche markets, the magazine can attract new readers and diversify its content offerings. This includes exploring topics such as sustainable living, technology, and entrepreneurship, which are of increasing interest to readers and reflect the evolving landscape of Delaware.

Future Plans and Initiatives

Expanding Digital Presence

Delaware Today Magazine aims to further expand its digital presence to reach a wider audience and engage with readers on various platforms. The magazine plans to invest in digital content creation, interactive features, and multimedia storytelling to enhance the reader experience. Additionally, innovative digital initiatives such as podcasts, video series, and virtual events are on the horizon to provide readers with new and exciting ways to connect with the magazine.

Engaging with Younger Demographics

To secure its future, Delaware Today Magazine recognizes the importance of engaging with younger demographics. The magazine plans to create content specifically tailored to the interests and preferences of millennials and Gen Z readers. By offering relevant and relatable stories, connecting with young influencers, and leveraging social media platforms, the magazine aims to build a strong and loyal readership among the younger generation.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Delaware Today Magazine understands the value of collaboration and aims to form strategic partnerships with local organizations, businesses, and community leaders. These collaborations will allow the magazine to tap into new resources, expand its network, and offer unique opportunities for readers and advertisers alike. By working together with key stakeholders, Delaware Today Magazine can amplify its impact and strengthen its position as a vital contributor to the Delaware community.

Notable Articles and Interviews

Impactful Cover Stories

Delaware Today Magazine’s cover stories have consistently captured the attention of readers with their compelling content and striking visuals. From thought-provoking profiles to in-depth investigations, the cover stories have become a hallmark of the magazine’s commitment to quality journalism. Whether it’s shedding light on important social issues or celebrating local achievements, Delaware Today Magazine’s cover stories have sparked dialogue and left a lasting impact on its readers.

Exclusive Interviews with Prominent Figures

Delaware Today Magazine has had the opportunity to conduct exclusive interviews with prominent figures from various fields. From renowned artists and musicians to influential businessmen and political leaders, these interviews provide readers with unique insights into the lives and experiences of these individuals. By offering readers a glimpse into the minds of prominent figures, Delaware Today Magazine aims to inspire and educate its audience.

Noteworthy Investigative Reports

Delaware Today Magazine takes pride in its commitment to investigative journalism. The magazine has produced numerous noteworthy investigative reports that have shed light on important issues and uncovered hidden truths. These reports have sparked conversations, led to policy changes, and held those in power accountable. Delaware Today Magazine’s dedication to investigative reporting underscores its responsibility to serve as a watchdog for the community.

Community Engagement and Outreach

Events and Sponsorships

Delaware Today Magazine actively engages with the community through events and sponsorships. The magazine organizes and supports various events throughout the year, ranging from charity fundraisers to community festivals. By being present at these events, Delaware Today Magazine connects directly with its readers, strengthens relationships, and demonstrates its commitment to the community it serves.

Charitable Initiatives

Delaware Today Magazine believes in giving back to the community and supports local charitable initiatives. Whether it’s highlighting philanthropic organizations or featuring inspiring stories of individuals making a difference, the magazine aims to raise awareness and inspire readers to get involved. Delaware Today Magazine recognizes that by working together, the Delaware community can create positive change and address the challenges it faces.

Supporting Local Causes

Delaware Today Magazine actively supports local causes by showcasing nonprofits and their efforts in the community. The magazine provides a platform for these organizations to share their mission, success stories, and fundraising initiatives. By shining a spotlight on these local causes, Delaware Today Magazine encourages readers to get involved, volunteer, and contribute to the betterment of their community.

Delaware Today Magazine has established itself as a trusted source of information, inspiration, and celebration within the Delaware community. From its founding to the present day, the magazine has consistently evolved to meet the needs and preferences of its readers while remaining true to its mission of highlighting the best that Delaware has to offer. With its diverse content, strong community engagement, and commitment to excellence, Delaware Today Magazine will continue to play a vital role in celebrating and preserving Delaware’s vibrant culture for years to come.

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