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A Love Unfolds

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Childhood friends Kiran and Ali grew up together in Millfield. They shared a special bond and spent their days dreaming about the future. One day, out of the blue, Ali kissed Kiran. The kiss marked the beginning of their journey into an uncharted territory of romantic love. Sets the scene for the novel, depicting a childhood friendship that would blossom into something more significant.



“Kiran and Ali have been best friends since childhood, sharing everything with each other. However, their friendship takes an unexpected turn when Ali kisses Kiran out of the blue. As a result, Kiran begins to question her true feelings towards Ali and starts to explore the possibility of something more between them.Over the following weeks, Kiran and Ali navigate their newfound emotions and gradually develop a romantic bond. As they learn more about each other, they share new experiences and explore their shared passion for music. However, they struggle to overcome the fear of ruining their friendship and deal with various obstacles that test their relationship.Throughout their journey, Kiran and Ali receive support from their friends, including Aisha, Kiran’s music-loving confidante, Amaan, Ali’s older brother, and Jessica, Kiran’s carefree roommate. With time, Kiran and Ali’s relationship evolves and deepens, proving that true love is worth the wait, even if it takes time to mature.The story’s lead characters, Kiran and Ali, are both strong-willed and ambitious individuals with a deep passion for music. Kiran is intelligent, ambitious, and struggling with her new feelings towards Ali. Ali is outgoing, social, and deeply in love with Kiran. Together, they embark on a journey of love that blossoms through their shared experiences and their bond.

About Azhar ul Haque Sario

Azhar Haque Sario is a passionate writer and life-long learner who is dedicated to making a positive impact on people’s lives. He believes in the power of words to inspire, educate, and transform. Azhar is the author of several books on personal development and mental health, including “CBT for Commoner: All-in-One Guide.” To connect with Azhar and learn more about his work, visit his LinkedIn profile at Azhar Haque Sario.

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