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What Drove Me to Johannesburg South Africa

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In his autobiographical book What Drove Me to Johannesburg South Africa, Lionel Calvin Martin tackles the challenges that have plagued his experiences.


Instilled into every child is the belief their role model is their parents, yet, as children mature, their observations, decisions and choices either positively or negatively affect their lives. Martin used his past as his motivation for success and believes if he can achieve goodness, so can others. His book aims to demonstrate the power of the mind and how, by having a positive attitude, anyone can be happy and fruitful. Humans have a finite time on earth but are created to enjoy that time provided they believe in themselves. It starts with the individual. Happiness is created by the people you choose as your inner circle.However, education is key to excelling, swiftly followed by concentration, a positive attitude and investing energy into whatever determines inner happiness and success. It also demands not living in the past and to stop mentally revisiting unhappy places. This only results in perpetually reliving history.Martin aims to change thinking processes and for people to view life from a different perspective. AcknowledgementsI thank my mentor Mr Raam Chetty who helped me stay positive no matter the circumstances or challenges encountered. To my beautiful wife Velashka and my children Cian and Cole who inspired me to achieve greater heights. To Rushdien and Demi Osman, Elvis Thambiran and Neil Genesan who have always been part of my life. A special thank you to my parents, my brothers,Alton, Adrian, Anselem and last, but not least, to my beloved sister Loretta Constance Naicker who I shall always remember, love and cherish and to whom this book is dedicated.

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Lionel Calvin Martin


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