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Tin Whistle Songbook – 20 Songs by Stephen C. Foster

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Tin Whistle Songbook – 20 Songs by Stephen C. Foster – no music notes + Sounds online


Songbook with 20 songs by Stephen C. Foster for the Tin Whistle / Penny Whistle / Pocket Whistle / Low Whistle.Stephen C. Foster (1826-1864) was an US-American composer and probably the best-known songwriter of the time. Many of his compositions – above all: Camptown Races, Oh Susanna and Old Folks at home – are still known today and are an integral part of American culture.The melodies were prepared with numbers / symbols. These symbols tells the note to be played, a bar line indicates the start and duration of the notes. The chords are notated for playing together.The sounds are available online in a player with adjustable playback speed. Web address and access data in the book.No knowledge of music is necessary – suitable for beginners!

About Reynhard Boegl

Reynhard Boegl – since 1984 live and studio musician (harmonica, guitar, vocals), music teacher, sound engineer, graphic artist and lyricist, song and textbook author.Lives and works in Linz / Austria and has published almost 100 song- and textbooks for various instruments.

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Reynhard Boegl, Bettina Schipp


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