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Becoming Bill

Author: Molly Garcia
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Big Bill is a character from the first two Adam & Sarah books (Breach of Trust and Bedding Down) This is his story of how he became homeless, his years on the streets and how he finally found a way out.


Big Bill has featured in the first two Adam & Sarah books as a homeless man who helps the police when their case involves those who are rough sleeping and vulnerable. We learned more about Bill’s background in “Bedding Down” where he’s left waiting on a placement in temporary accommodation.Bill has decided it’s time to accept a place in sheltered housing after he’s reunited with his daughter and has health problems.This is Bill’s Story. From a successful job as an agent to rough sleeper, his addiction to alcohol and losing his wife and daughter, his job and his home. This book will detail his journey as Bill is about to settle down and start a new chapter in his life.

About Molly Garcia

Molly Garcia lives in Spain with her partner of over 30 years, they have two grown-up children. Molly has worked in social care and the NHS since 1991 and uses her experiences to guide her writing and to create complex and realistic characters and backgrounds

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Molly Garcia


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