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Self-Confidence for Actors

Author: Alexa Ispas
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Self-Confidence for Actors teaches you proven psychology techniques to calm your nerves and perform at your best.


Want to show up to auditions and acting jobs brimming with confidence? If you are tired of battling your inner demons, psychology can help.Life as an actor brings out a lot of insecurities.Every time you go to an audition, begin rehearsals, or give a performance, the most personal things about yourself–your physicality, personality, and mannerisms–are put on display and critically evaluated.Given this ever-present scrutiny, your self-confidence can suffer, affecting your ability to perform.High-pressure situations, such as an important audition, a table read, or opening night, are often where your self-confidence may falter, resulting in missed opportunities, regrets, and sometimes marking the onset of chronic stage fright.If this sounds familiar, psychology can help.For several decades, psychologists have studied the problems associated with low self-confidence and developed a range of simple yet powerful techniques to overcome such barriers.Self-Confidence for Actors explains in clear and jargon-free language how to apply these psychological tools to your craft.Read this book and discover:How to overcome stage frightHow to disarm your inner criticHow to conquer imposter syndromeHow to radiate confidence while under pressureHow to prevent nerves from sabotaging your performanceHow to connect with your boldest self when it matters mostPractical tools you can use straight awayShort enough to read in an afternoon, yet jam-packed with practical advice, Self-Confidence for Actors will help you calm your nerves and perform at your best.Alexa Ispas holds a PhD in psychology from the University of Edinburgh. The books in her Psychology for Actors Series provide actors with proven psychology techniques to thrive and build a successful career.

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