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The Vampire’s Detective

Author: M. Inks
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Detective Mallory arrives in Cedar Creek to investigate reports of strange, supernatural sightings alongside the CCPD. However, they’re not thrilled about a rookie stepping on their toes. Except for Detective Adair, who finds himself attracted to the fearless detective. Together, they’ll face the danger threatening Cedar Creek. Including an old foe with a vengeance. More


The close-knit town of Cedar Creek rests among the trees and wildlife of rural suburbia. Family-owned shops and cafes, old Victorian homes, and farms have made themselves at home away from the distant past of the Cedar Creek Police Department. Though tucked into the woods, who could forget that tragic past of the CCPD? It’s a bloody day that Agent Dawn Mallory will never forget when she returns to Cedar Creek. Once upon a time, Dawn Mallory once enjoyed her work with the CCPD until the great massacre. All she has left of those former days is the haunting memory of their faces, the CCPD, and the criminal that walked away that day still at large.Following the lead of bizarre supernatural activity, Dawn joins police force Detective Liam Adair to put Cedar Creek back at ease. However, returning home is not as easy as one would expect. Coming in as an unknown rookie with no known history, Dawn finds herself stepping on other officers’ toes and in the way of Detective Adair. Every sight, smell, and sound only reminds Dawn of the glory days and the people that are no longer around to remember her. But, with danger rising and the threat of a growing vampire coven gaining strength, history must be put in the past.Detective Liam Adair works with Dawn Mallory and finds himself more attracted to the fearless agent. Despite facing peril every day, Liam won’t stop trying to reach Detective Mallory until the case explodes at their doorstep. The vampire coven makes its move, bringing death straight to their doorstep.Together, the police department has the upper hand against the former’s coven never had—the knowledge of vampires and Dawn Mallory. Dawn finds herself a new team to fill the void left by the loss of her former life and officers destroyed by the massacre as a team working together. The CCPD must put together a plan or face certain death.

About M. Inks

M. Inks, born in 1998, enjoys writing supernatural fiction. Inks started starting writing publicly on wattpad before self-publishing during the summer of 2016. Since then, M has been anonymously writing supernatural action and romance. In the fall of 2016, M began studying Biology, Japanese, Spanish, and music. During the 2020 Covid-Pandemic, M transferred to begin studying veterinary technology.M has been a big fan of cartoons and anime years. M’s top cartoons include Archer, Rick and Morty, and Final space. Top anime shows include Naruto, Hellsing, and Boku no Hero Academia.In writing, M’s goal is to create stories that entertain through characters with complex relationships, emotions, and imaginative worlds.

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