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The Promise of Long Term Recovery

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After describing some of his bipolar episodes and their effects, John details the methods for his 50+ year’s recovery. He describes problems, approaches and the value of medication and counseling. He lists 10 Bipolar Observations and 10 Useful Coping Strategies. He explores employment, social attitudes, personal growth and the will power individuals can develop.


John Frederick Zurn describes some of his bipolar episodes and their effect on him. Using them as a platform he details the methods he has used for his long term recovery of more than 40 years. While emphasizing the value of therapy, he describes the problems, approaches and the value of medication and counseling. He lists 10 Observations on Bipolar Disorder followed by 10 Useful Coping Strategies.John delves into bipolar disorder impacts on employment, social interactions and attitudes as well as the personal growth and will power individuals can develop on the path of long term recovery. There is a list of more than sixty Famous People with a Bipolar Diagnosis in various walks of life including: athletes, artists, business people, and political leaders.

About John Frederick Zurn

John Frederick Zurn is a published author of novels, short stories, plays and poetry.He spent his career as an English teacher at traditional schools and as an instructor at developmental training centers, teaching employment readiness skills to mentally challenged teenagers and adults. Now retired, John continues writing and publishing.As an artist and spiritual seeker, he explores the varied promptings of the human spirit.John lives in Illinois with his wife, Donna.

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