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Spaghetti! by Mr. D

Author: Mr D
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Tony does not like to read. This makes school very boring. He discovers the magical power of reading. His grades improve. He begins to cook the world’s most famous spaghetti. Use your imagination and take his taste test- If you don’t shout with happiness when you taste his spaghetti he will give you one million dollars.


This silly story makes reading fun for children. One 7 year old in Detroit, MI said she laughed so much reading ‘Spaghetti!’ that her mother yelled into her room to stop making so much noise. Fun is the best way to motivate children to read.This eBook contains no illustrations This verision is for children who like to use their imaginations when they read. An illustrated version will be released soon for everyone else.

About Mr D

Dennis Sloan has been educationally entertaining children for over 15 years. He has a talent for writing stories about the magical power of reading.

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