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Relationships beyond the Magic of Love

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This eBook explains the complexity of relationships in a realistic way.


The prevailing opinion is that love act like a magical agent. In reality, however, relationships go much deeper than mere belief in magic would suggest. What is important for successful relationships then?

About Merlin Avalondon

Merlin Avalondon is a visionary and intuitively open-minded personal coach who focuses on the balanced and holistic well-being and happiness of his followers.As a constantly traveling Shaolin monk of Chan Buddhism, he has developed his coaching approach from a wealth of experience spanning five decades.His “Infinite Ammiratus” approach shows how each person can achieve a confident and loving openness, a holistic balance for body, mind, and soul, and authenticity in social relationships, thus manifesting the most desired aspects in life.Merlin Avalondon’s message to the world is to be a master of one’s reality and not just react to circumstances or other people.

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Merlin Avalondon


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