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Polar Opposites

Author: Ryann Fletcher
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Maxine and Sloane are rival instructors at a failing ski lodge, pitted against each other for the one remaining job slot. Will this Wolf and this Bear manage to work together?


Maxine has dedicated her life to snowboarding. When she learns that this winter may be her last season as an instructor, she’s forced to compete with a high-profile athlete while she’s trying to chase poachers off the mountain. Fresh from a crushing defeat, Sloane takes a job as an instructor. What she didn’t expect was having to battle a rival alongside her Bear shifting, which could expose her kind to the world.With the future of the lodge on the line, will Max and Sloane learn to work together – or will they let their differences get the better of them?

About Ryann Fletcher

Ryann Fletcher was born in Chicago, and once she hit 18, hopped from place to place every few years. Texas, Vancouver, Dublin, and now London, which new vistas firmly in sight. She writes queer science fiction and fantasy with f/f romance elements.Her first series, The Cricket Chronicles, is a steampunk series with romantic elements and lots of badass ladies who love ladies.She’s also a foodie who loves cooking shows, a huge nerd, and a burgeoning authortuber on YouTube, with writing and bullet journal content.

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Ryann Fletcher


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