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Only Heaven Knows

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Friendships lead to yearning. Yearning leads to loving from afar. Loving from a far leads to secrets. Secrets lead to choices.


On a Caribbean cruise Stuart Erickson meets a woman twenty-two years younger than his forty-five years. In Heather’s arms he finds the joy that had been missing in his life. Her beauty and her person captivate him. The dead man he is comes alive with her touch, but is it fair to Heather to choose to tie her to him with vows when he is decades older and only has a shell of a man to offer?Heather wants to reach inside Stuart’s heart and chase away all his loneliness and emptiness. It breaks her heart knowing she can’t break through his walls. She knows when they meet on the cruise that she cannot tell him that she is the Heather he knew as a child. And too, what of her budding feelings for Gabe? What choice must she make? Does she tell Stuart who she really is and risk losing him, or does she say goodbye to Stuart and let herself fall in love with Gabe—her best friend since childhood?Gabe Davidson fell in love with Heather when they were both seventeen. Their families were entwined in friendship long before Heather and Gabe were born within days of each other. For many years he’s wanted to show Heather his feelings, but after all the years of him waiting for her, he wonders if she will return his love. Gabe becomes confused when he spends romantic evenings with Elisa. Gabe needs to make a choice—does he hold on to his feelings for Heather or turn his affections to sweet Elisa—a dear childhood friend who had been there for him in pivotal moments in his life?Elisa’s heart has for many years belonged to Gabe, but she keeps her love for him a secret. She knows how much Gabe wants Heather, and Elisa believes she would never have a chance to woo Gabe’s noble heart. When Gabe asks her as a friend to enjoy Music in the Park at Lake Como, Elisa hopes that she can finally capture his interest. Elisa has a choice, will she risk it all and tell Gabe that she loves him, or does she remain his ever-faithful friend?Nathaniel yearns for Heather and has for many years. Nathaniel knows that Heather cares for him as a friend and as another little brother. Nathaniel has seen how much Gabe wants Heather, and Nathaniel believes that Heather will choose Gabe simply because they had been best friends since childhood. Does Nathaniel choose to risk it all and profess his feelings to Heather, or should he keep his feelings secret and not risk the hurt of her rejection.

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Lisa Mary Arquette


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