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Lives in Captivity

Author: Phillips Tahuer
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For this book, I have selected the 30 most outstanding cases due to their worldwide media coverage. They are true stories about those who were imprisoned and went through the toughest trials. Some were kidnapped on the way to school or work, others were kidnapped right out of bed, and some didn’t even have to leave their home.


Kidnapping (illegitimate deprivation of liberty) is one of the most heinous crimes against people.The reasons are very varied:• receive a ransom• Reckoning, revenge.• Ritual acts, including totalitarian sects.• Solve personal or political problems.• Kidnapping children for sale to childless families.• Using humans as blood or internal organ donors• Porn business, prostitution.• Slavery.• Criminal acts of maniacs.Very often, kidnappers torture, rape, subject to moral, psychological, and narcotic influences or kill their victims.

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Phillips Tahuer


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