India is a land of eternal revival. Writing history might or might not have been a vocation with the ancient Indians. Creating history through the ceaseless process of an onlooking culture has definitely been a divine pastime. Cultural strides in India through more than thirty centuries is the theme of this book. It provides an insight into the survey linkages of those strides lauded and aspired for by mankind. The book is an ocean encased in a crystal bowl, with inner appearances made to whisper in truer lights. The book traces the voyage of Indian culture through its excellences in the realms of religion, philosophy, aesthetics, languages, and sciences, with a lively and unique system of deciphering unity in diversity. The book is a re-incarnation of the undying echo of the ageless joy, of a great surrender to the bliss. In conformity with the general design, the book contains READINGS from Kadambari, Mahabharata, Gandhi, secular saints, and from flowers and festivals. They resurrect glimpses of authenticity in the inner landscape of India’s presences, spiritual and material.

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Mr Manjul Tewari is an avid explorer, adventurer, a Corporate Communication practitioner and author of Life Skill Mastery Series. He started his career, working as a cub reporter and then as a journalist in National Dailies and Weeklies. He then worked as the core group member of the Corp. Comm. Team in one of the largest power companies in the world, handling many prestigious Corp. Comm. assignments. Mr Tewari has written several articles on various topics of general interest for well-known newspapers. He is a guest faculty for leading Mass Communication and Mass Media Institutes in India. Recently, he was the recipient of the Public Relations Hall Of Fame Award by the Public Relations Council of India (PRCI). Mr Tewari is also a widely travelled person both within the country and overseas. Mr Tewari writes regularly on topics such as Communication, Mindfulness, Personal Development etc. He has authored two books ” Ten Ways to Master Public Speaking and Effective Communication” and “How to Think 10 X”.

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