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Denner’s Wreck

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Geste the Trickster, one of the twenty-eight Powers that ruled Denner’s Wreck as if they were gods, had wronged Bredon the Hunter and promised him a favor in compensation. When Bredon tried to collect, though, he found himself caught up in intrigues among the Powers — intrigues that might lead to interplanetary disaster.


The lost colony planet Denner’s Wreck was found by a group of immortal, high-tech tourists who decided it would be fun to hang around for a few centuries playing at being gods for the low-tech descendants of the original colonists.One of the Powers, Geste the Trickster, played a prank on a mere mortal, Bredon the Hunter, and Bredon didn’t let it go. He held Geste to account, and found himself caught up in the affairs of the immortal Powers — one of whom is a murderous psychopath…

About Lawrence Watt-Evans

Lawrence Watt-Evans is the award-winning author of about fifty novels and more than a hundred short stories in the fields of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. He lives in Bainbridge Island, Washington with his wife.

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Lawrence Watt-Evans


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