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Crimson Fall

Author: Darryl Temple
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A squad abandoned, left to die on an alien space craft. Xain’s father returns with the promise of salvation. A trio are hunted by the Engine, a violent machine running the Cartel and the world of Terris. Will the heroes of the Heridian war succeed or fall into darkness? Monsters aren’t always on the outside…


Discarded and abandoned…Nexus Baal and his squad have been left to die, alone and forgotten. When the Soldiers of the Void intercept an anomalous signal emanating from a dense nebula, Squad Nexus is sent to investigate and are never heard from again. To Nexus, survival is their only focus, but what they discover could alter the outcome of an infinite number of conflicts. But is the price of their humanity worth it?A betrayer has returned…Leith Raeson, father to Xain Raeson, appears with the Dawn Eclipse, the mysterious and ancient star vessel instrumental in the Heridian war. Standing between his execution and salvation, Leith promises hope, and a way to defeat the biomechanical monsters, the Heridians. Xain knows he can’t trust his father and finds himself conflicted between revenge and victory over the enemy.A Trio is hunted…Meanwhile, on the cartel world of Terris, a Cygnian Pirate named Killiax Lasser, is hunted by people bent on killing him. He doesn’t know why, but suspects his new colleague is involved, the Scrounger. When an old hero emerges and learns of what’s hunting them, the three team up with a common goal. But there’s a problem. Contracted to kill them is Vapour Nolen, a cybernetically enhanced human and assassin for hire. With the help of his creepy avian friend, the pair make a formidable team.At the heart of Terris is the Engine. Mechanical, sentient, psychotic and addicted to the taste of flesh, it runs the cartel world. If the machine can be killed, Leith Raeson’s promise could manifest…Crimson Fall is the second installment of the Heridian Trilogy. In places it’s dark yet funny, action packed yet thoughtful. Will the heroes of the Heridian war succeed or fall into darkness?Monsters aren’t always on the outside…

About Darryl Temple

Darryl J. W. Temple grew up in Sale, Victoria, Australia, and spent most of his childhood obsessed with science fiction. An avid writer at an early age, he would spend hours on his mother’s digital typewriter creating new worlds, centered on spaceships or giant robots. With a background in teaching martial arts, sales, management and communication, he has an insight into human character and understanding. Darryl now lives with his wife in Perth, Australia, and can still be found writing about spaceships and giant robots.

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Darryl Temple


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