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Too Close to Risk

Author: M.A. Innes
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Jumping in headfirst is something Kevin excels at, but now he’s not the only troublemaker in the family.


Jumping in headfirst is something Kevin excels at, but now he’s not the only troublemaker in the family. As the club visit gets closer and questions get more interesting, Kevin, Jeremy, Bryan, and Maddox are ready to take the next step in bringing their family closer together. Hopefully. Probably. Maybe? With Jeremy praying those steps don’t kill Bryan, and Kevin and Maddox giggling all the way, the holiday season has never been more interesting or more filled with love. With a club visit to plan and the holidays to survive, four friends have to decide how big of a risk they’re willing to take to make the perfect family. Author’s Note: This book contains the three bonus chapters that were included in Our Too Close Christmas which came out as a bonus freebie in 2021. Too Close to Risk starts before the holidays and ends on Christmas Eve. Too Close to Deny will finish Christmas and lead into more sexy shenanigans. Series order:Too Close to LoveToo Close to HideToo Close to BreakToo Close to FallToo Close to LoseToo Close to DoubtToo Close to ChangeToo Close to Risk (current release)Too Close to Deny (coming mid-December)

About M.A. Innes

M.A. Innes and Shaw Montgomery are two sides to the same squirrely brain. M.A Innes is the part of my imagination that leads to kinky and curious things like age play and puppy play. Shaw is the aspect that likes sweet BDSM but isn’t taboo in nature. I love hearing from readers, but if you liked my book, the best thing you can do is to leave a review. Books that are a little different or seem unique need reviews to help push other readers to dip their toes in the water. I have all kinds of books from sweet guys in lingerie to cute boys in search of a Daddy. The best place to find all my books and to explore what I write is on my website. You can also get the occasional freebies and early peeks at the first chapters of new releases so make sure to keep checking back. www.authorshawmontgomery.comThe best place to get teasers and notifications about new releases is by joining my newsletter. https://www.subscribepage.com/n1i5u1

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M.A. Innes


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