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The top weekly newsletter dealing with the hobby of coin collecting, dedicated to the serious collector. Timely updates on market and pricing trends, informative essays and profiles about fellow collectors and helpful buying and collecting tips makes (40 Issues)


The top weekly newsletter dealing with the hobby of coin collecting, dedicated to the serious collector. Timely updates on market and pricing trends, informative essays and profiles about fellow collectors and helpful buying and collecting tips makes Coin World an indispensable tool for the modern collector.

Looking to delve into the world of coin collecting? Look no further than Coin World Weekly! This top weekly newsletter is dedicated to the serious collector, providing timely updates on market and pricing trends, informative essays and profiles about fellow collectors, and helpful buying and collecting tips. With a subscription to Coin World Weekly, you’ll have access to a wealth of valuable information that will make you an expert in the field. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer – subscribe now for just $2.75 per issue and save 15% off the cover price! You won’t regret it.

Try Coin World Weekly Risk Free!

Try Coin World Weekly Risk Free!

Are you a coin collector looking for the best resources to expand your knowledge and stay up-to-date on the latest trends? Look no further than Coin World Weekly! This comprehensive magazine is dedicated to the serious collector, providing timely updates on market and pricing trends, informative essays and profiles about fellow collectors, and helpful buying and collecting tips. In this article, we will explore the benefits of subscribing to Coin World Weekly, the various subscription options available, a limited-time offer you won’t want to miss, and more. So, let’s dive in and discover why Coin World Weekly is a must-have for every coin collector!

Benefits of Coin World Weekly

Market and Pricing Trends

Keeping track of market and pricing trends is essential for any coin collector. Coin World Weekly provides you with in-depth analysis and insights into the ever-changing market, helping you make informed decisions about buying, selling, and trading coins. Stay ahead of the game and maximize your investment with the expert advice and market trends featured in every issue.

Informative Essays and Profiles

Coin collecting is not just about acquiring valuable coins – it’s a passion that connects collectors from all walks of life. Coin World Weekly understands this and features compelling essays and profiles about fellow collectors. Explore their journeys, learn from their experiences, and be inspired by their dedication to the hobby. These articles will truly enrich your collecting experience and deepen your appreciation for the art and history of coins.

Buying and Collecting Tips

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, Coin World Weekly is packed with valuable tips and advice to enhance your collecting journey. From tips on identifying counterfeit coins to guidance on preserving and displaying your collection, you’ll find a wealth of practical information that will take your collecting skills to the next level. Don’t miss out on expert advice that can save you time, money, and frustration!

Updates on New Coin Releases

When it comes to coin collecting, staying up-to-date on new releases is crucial. Coin World Weekly delivers the latest information on newly minted coins, including commemorative releases, limited editions, and special issue coins. Stay ahead of the curve and be among the first to add these exciting coins to your collection. With Coin World Weekly as your guide, you’ll never miss out on a valuable addition to your collection.

Access to Expert Advice

Coin collecting is a vast and intricate world, and having access to expert advice can make all the difference. Coin World Weekly features renowned numismatic experts who share their knowledge and insights exclusively with subscribers. Get answers to your burning questions, seek guidance on rare or unique coins, and tap into a wealth of expertise that will elevate your collecting experience. With Coin World Weekly, you’re not just a collector – you’re part of a passionate community supported by industry experts.

Try Coin World Weekly Risk Free!

Subscription Options

Coin World Weekly offers a range of subscription options to suit every collector’s needs. Whether you prefer to read the magazine in print or digitally, there’s an option for you. Let’s explore the available subscription options:

Online Special

For a limited time, you can take advantage of an online special offer for Coin World Weekly. Subscribe today for just $2.75 per issue and save 15% off the cover price. This discounted rate allows you to stay informed and entertained while getting the best value for your money. Don’t miss this exclusive online special, as it won’t last forever!

Subscription Rates

If you’re ready to commit to a longer-term subscription, consider the yearly subscription plan. For just $109.99 per year, you’ll receive 40 issues of Coin World Weekly, delivered right to your doorstep or digital device. This option offers a significant savings compared to purchasing single issues, allowing you to enjoy the magazine without breaking the bank.

Print and Digital Options

Coin World Weekly understands that every collector has unique preferences when it comes to reading and accessing information. That’s why they offer both print and digital subscription options. Choose the format that suits you best and enjoy the convenience of reading Coin World Weekly wherever you go. Whether you prefer the feel of a physical magazine in your hands or the flexibility of digital access, Coin World Weekly has you covered.

Gift Subscriptions

Do you know someone who shares your passion for coin collecting? A Coin World Weekly subscription makes the perfect gift for any collector. Show your appreciation and support for their hobby by giving them access to the wealth of knowledge and inspiration found in every issue of Coin World Weekly. With options to print or email a gift card, giving the gift of Coin World Weekly has never been easier.

Renewal Process

Already a subscriber and wondering how to renew your subscription? Coin World Weekly has a hassle-free renewal process to ensure you never miss an issue. Simply follow the instructions provided on their website or contact their customer service number, and they’ll guide you through the renewal process. Continuously enjoy the benefits of Coin World Weekly as a loyal subscriber.

Limited Time Offer

Act fast and take advantage of a limited-time offer from Coin World Weekly. For a discounted price, you can subscribe to the magazine and enjoy all the exclusive benefits mentioned earlier. Let’s delve into the details of this irresistible offer:

Discounted Price

During this limited-time offer, you can subscribe to Coin World Weekly for a highly discounted price. Enjoy significant savings off the regular cover price and gain access to a wealth of knowledge and inspiration delivered directly to your door or digital device. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – subscribe today and take advantage of this special offer.

Savings Percentage

By subscribing to Coin World Weekly through this limited-time offer, you’ll save a substantial percentage off the regular cover price. These savings add up over time, allowing you to maximize your investment in your collecting hobby. With such generous savings, subscribing to Coin World Weekly becomes even more enticing.

Promotional Benefits

In addition to the discounted price and savings percentage, this limited-time offer includes exclusive promotional benefits. These benefits may include additional collector resources, bonus content, or access to special events or promotions. Stay tuned to Coin World Weekly for more details on the promotional benefits you’ll receive as a subscriber.

Expiration Date

As with any limited-time offer, there is an expiration date to be aware of. To ensure you don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity, make sure to subscribe before the expiration date stated in the offer. Act now and secure your subscription to Coin World Weekly at a discounted price and with all the promotional benefits. Time is of the essence!

Try Coin World Weekly Risk Free!

Frequency and Cover Price

When considering a magazine subscription, it’s essential to understand the frequency of issues and the regular cover price. Coin World Weekly offers the following details:

Number of Issues per Year

Coin World Weekly is published 40 times per year, providing you with a steady stream of valuable content and insights. With a weekly publication schedule, you’ll always have something new to explore and learn from. This frequency ensures you stay up-to-date on the latest trends, news, and tips in the world of coin collecting.

Regular Cover Price

The regular cover price for Coin World Weekly is $130.00. With a yearly subscription, you’ll enjoy significant savings compared to purchasing single issues at the regular cover price. Investing in a subscription allows you to access the wealth of information, advice, and inspiration found in every issue at a more affordable price.

Comparison to Competing Magazines

When it comes to coin collecting magazines, Coin World Weekly stands out as a top choice for serious collectors. While there are other magazines in the market, Coin World Weekly excels in its comprehensive coverage, expert advice, and industry recognition. Various magazines, such as Numismatic News, Coin World Monthly, World Coin News, Coinage, Old Cars, Sports Collectors Digest, Us Weekly, and The Week, may touch on coin collecting or collectibles, but none compare to the depth and breadth of Coin World Weekly’s content. Furthermore, when comparing pricing and benefits, Coin World Weekly offers unparalleled value.

Ordering Help

Not sure how to place an order for Coin World Weekly? Don’t worry – they provide ordering help to ensure a seamless subscription process. Let’s explore the assistance available:

Step-by-Step Guide to Placing an Order

Coin World Weekly understands that ordering a subscription can be daunting for some. To simplify the process, they offer a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through each stage of placing an order. Follow the instructions provided on their website or consult the customer service team for a smooth and hassle-free ordering experience.

Assistance with Account Access

If you’re an existing subscriber and need assistance with accessing your account, Coin World Weekly has you covered. Their customer service team is ready to assist you in resolving any issues related to account access. Whether you’re having trouble logging in, updating your information, or accessing digital content, don’t hesitate to reach out for the help you need.

Payment Methods Accepted

Coin World Weekly accepts various payment methods to accommodate your preferences. Whether you prefer to pay by credit card, debit card, or other online payment methods, they have options available. When placing your order, review the accepted payment methods and choose the one that’s most convenient for you.

Money Back Guarantee

Coin World Weekly is confident in the value they provide to their subscribers. That’s why they offer a money back guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your subscription, you can request a refund within a specified period. This guarantee ensures that you have peace of mind when subscribing to Coin World Weekly – your satisfaction is their top priority.

About Coin World Magazine

Coin World Weekly is the top weekly newsletter dealing with the hobby of coin collecting. With a rich history and a dedicated team of experts, Coin World Weekly has become an indispensable tool for the modern collector. Let’s dive into the details:

History and Background

Coin World Weekly has been serving the coin collecting community for many years, establishing itself as a trusted source of information and insights. The magazine has evolved and adapted to the changing needs of collectors, always striving to deliver the most relevant and up-to-date content. With a strong foundation built on the passion and expertise of its founders, Coin World Weekly continues to be a leader in the industry.

Features and Sections

Coin World Weekly covers a wide range of topics within the realm of coin collecting. Each issue features informative articles on market trends, pricing insights, collecting tips, and profiles of fellow collectors. The magazine also includes sections dedicated to new coin releases, expert advice, and industry news. The diverse range of features keeps readers engaged and ensures there’s something for every collector in every issue.

Contributors and Experts

To maintain its high standards of quality, Coin World Weekly partners with renowned numismatic experts and industry professionals. These contributors bring their extensive knowledge and experience to the magazine, providing readers with invaluable insights and advice. With a team of experts, Coin World Weekly ensures that you receive accurate and trusted information to enhance your collecting journey.

Positive Customer Testimonials

Coin World Weekly has garnered a loyal following of satisfied subscribers. Many collecting enthusiasts have shared their positive experiences and appreciation for the magazine. Reading customer testimonials can provide valuable insights into the benefits and value of subscribing to Coin World Weekly. Hear from fellow collectors who have found inspiration, guidance, and enjoyment in the magazine’s content.

Industry Recognition

Coin World Weekly is not just loved by collectors – it has also received industry recognition. The magazine’s commitment to excellence and innovation has earned it prestigious awards and accolades within the publishing and collecting communities. These accolades further highlight the magazine’s reputation as a trusted resource and reaffirm its position as a leader in the industry.

Alternative Magazines

While Coin World Weekly offers a comprehensive and unmatched collecting experience, it’s important to explore other options to ensure you make an informed decision. Here are a few alternative magazines in the field of coin collecting worth considering:

Numismatic News

Numismatic News is a magazine that covers a wide range of topics in the field of numismatics. With articles on coin collecting, market trends, and historical insights, Numismatic News offers a unique perspective to collectors. While it may not offer the same depth and frequency as Coin World Weekly, it provides a valuable supplement to your collecting knowledge.

Coin World Monthly

Coin World Monthly is a monthly magazine dedicated to coin collecting. While it shares the Coin World branding, it is important to note that Coin World Monthly offers a different publication schedule and content. If you prefer a slower-paced, in-depth exploration of numismatics, Coin World Monthly may be worth considering.

World Coin News

World Coin News focuses specifically on coins from around the world. If you have a particular interest in international coins or are looking to expand your collection beyond U.S. coins, World Coin News offers a specialized perspective. Explore the rich history and diverse designs found in coins from different countries through the pages of World Coin News.


Coinage is a magazine that covers a broader scope of topics related to wealth management and personal finance, including coins and collectibles. While it may not focus solely on coin collecting, Coinage provides valuable insights into the financial aspects of collecting and investing in coins. If you’re looking to delve deeper into the financial side of numismatics, Coinage is worth considering.

Old Cars

Old Cars is a magazine that caters to those with an interest in vintage automobiles. While it may seem unrelated to coin collecting at first glance, Old Cars often features articles on collectible automotive-themed coins. If you’re a collector with a passion for both coins and classic cars, Old Cars offers a unique blend of content that combines your two hobbies.

Sports Collectors Digest

Sports Collectors Digest caters specifically to those interested in sports memorabilia and collectibles. While it doesn’t focus solely on coins, it often includes articles and features on sports-related coins and medals. If you’re a sports enthusiast with a passion for both coins and memorabilia, Sports Collectors Digest may widen your collecting horizons.

Us Weekly

Us Weekly is a popular magazine known for its coverage of celebrity news and entertainment. While it may not seem related to coin collecting, Us Weekly occasionally features articles on notable celebrity coin collectors or auctions. If you’re interested in the intersection of pop culture and numismatics, keep an eye out for coin-related content within Us Weekly.

The Week

The Week is a news magazine that provides an overview of the week’s most important events and fascinating stories. While it covers a broad range of topics, it occasionally includes articles on coins and collecting. If you’re looking for a magazine that covers a wide spectrum of news and features with occasional coin collecting content, The Week may be worth exploring.

When considering alternative magazines, it’s important to compare the features, frequency, and pricing to ensure you find the best fit for your collecting interests and preferences. Each magazine offers a unique perspective and may cater to specific niches within the collecting community.

Try Coin World Weekly Risk Free!

In conclusion, Coin World Weekly offers a wealth of benefits that every coin collector should take advantage of. From its market insights and informative essays to its buying and collecting tips, this magazine is a valuable resource for collectors at all levels. With various subscription options, a limited-time offer, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Coin World Weekly outshines its competitors in the field of coin collecting magazines. Subscribe today and join a community of passionate collectors who rely on Coin World Weekly for their collecting needs. Happy collecting!

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