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Christmas Again

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One man rejected her for what he thought were valiant reasons at the time. A second man nearly ruined her life with his own fears. Can either of them have any hope with her again, after all these pain-filled  years? More importantly, will she ever rediscover the joy of celebrating Christmas again?


one man rejected her for what he thought were valiant reasons at the time……a second man ruined her life with his own fears……can either of them have any hope with her again, after all these pain-filled years?**********For the past seven years, Jordan Rathman has been living a quiet, peaceful life in the small northern town of Little River Village. Having had her heart broken not once, but twice, in the span of two years, she has stayed well away from anything smacking of romance.But there’s another reason she doesn’t want to get involved with a man, a reason she has kept to herself for all these years, not even telling her best friend about.For the same number of years, she has avoided Christmas like the plague, convinced the holiday has evil origins.And then, Aaron Parker, the man who treated her for leukemia years ago as a new M.D, shows up in her town, out of the blue, challenging both her resolution to stay away from Christmas, and her determination to stay away from men.Because Dr. Parker just happens to be one of the men who broke her heart, and she soon finds out her feelings for him, though they’ve remained mostly hidden, have changed little.Aaron, for his part, has brought his own burdens with him to Little River Village. Hoping to find a sanctuary at his aunt and uncle’s home in the small town, he never expected to run into a former patient there…let alone the former patient who declared her love for him after she’d gone into her second remission. Her sudden re-emergence in his life is not unwelcome, but it makes the decisions lying before him even more complicated.The plot can only thicken when Jordan’s ex-fiancé comes onto the scene, wrenching her heart with painful memories even as he implicitly begs for a second chance with her.One man dashed her confidence and hope for the future with his rejection. Another caused her to go running scared from enjoying life. Jordan faces a heart-wrenching choice: which man…or, neither? To open her heart and risk more pain, or to stay cocooned under the protective shelter of the status quo of her life?And…should she go back to celebrating Christmas again? The question is especially poignant for Jordan, and the answer won’t be easy to grasp until she lets go, gives up, and follows her heart…********** “Christmas Again” is the second novel in Emily Josephine’s Christian holiday romance series, “Little River Village Christmas.” Though part of a series, this heartwarming Christian romance novel can be read as a stand-alone.

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