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Art & Antiques Magazine

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Art and Antiques is the authoritative source for high-end collectors and connoisseurs, who seek information about fine art and antiques collectibles. The most widely read art magazine in the world, Art and Antiques features sophisticated editorial co (10 Issues)


Art and Antiques is the authoritative source for high-end collectors and connoisseurs, who seek information about fine art and antiques collectibles. The most widely read art magazine in the world, Art and Antiques features sophisticated editorial content by world-renowned writers about hot art trends, auction reports, timely news about arts issues and personalities, how-to stories, in-depth features about specific works and artists, and events information.

Looking to indulge your sophisticated tastes in art and antiques? Look no further than Art & Antiques Magazine. With renowned writers and coverage of the hottest trends and auction reports, this authoritative source has something for every collector, whether seasoned or just starting out. From in-depth features to how-to stories and upcoming events, this magazine is your essential resource.

Subscribe now for just $32.00 per year, or take advantage of the online special and save 59% off the cover price. Don’t miss out on this intimate art lover’s paradise.

Overview of Art & Antiques Magazine

Art & Antiques Magazine offers a comprehensive overview of the world of high-end collecting and connoisseurship. With its sophisticated editorial content by world-renowned writers, the magazine provides an authoritative source for art enthusiasts.

Notable contributors to Art & Antiques Magazine bring their expertise and insights to the pages, ensuring readers receive a well-rounded perspective. The magazine covers a wide range of art market trends, keeping readers up-to-date on the latest happenings. From auction reports to in-depth features, Art & Antiques Magazine provides timely news about arts issues and personalities.

Whether you’re interested in antiques, fine art, design, or painting and drawing, this magazine covers it all. It’s a treasure trove of information for collectors and art lovers alike.

Subscription Details for Art & Antiques Magazine

To subscribe to Art & Antiques Magazine, you can choose from various options that cater to your preferences and budget. The subscription pricing is designed to be affordable and provide you with great value.

With a yearly subscription cost of just $32.00, you can enjoy 10 issues per year. That’s less than $3.20 per issue, saving you 59% off the cover price.Whether you prefer a print or email option, Art & Antiques Magazine has you covered. You can even choose to gift a subscription with a print or email gift card.

By subscribing to Art & Antiques Magazine, you gain access to a wealth of benefits, including sophisticated editorial content by world-renowned writers, coverage of hot art trends and auction reports, timely news about arts issues and personalities, and in-depth features on various art categories. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of art and antiques with Art & Antiques Magazine.

Categories Covered in Art & Antiques Magazine

You will find a wide range of categories covered in Art & Antiques Magazine, showcasing the diverse world of fine art and design. Here are four categories that you can expect to explore within the pages of this prestigious publication:

  1. Antiques & Fine Art: Delve into the fascinating world of antique furniture, sculptures, ceramics, and paintings. Discover the stories behind these timeless pieces and gain insights into their historical significance.
  2. Art & Design: Immerse yourself in the latest trends and developments in contemporary art and design. From avant-garde installations to innovative furniture, this category explores the cutting-edge creativity of today’s artists and designers.
  3. Decorative Arts: Explore the intricate beauty of decorative arts, including textiles, glassware, jewelry, and silverware. Learn about the craftsmanship and techniques employed in creating these exquisite objects.
  4. Graphic Design: Discover the power of visual communication through the lens of graphic design. Explore the work of graphic designers who push boundaries, challenge conventions, and create impactful designs.

Whether you’re passionate about painting and drawing or fascinated by the allure of antiques, Art & Antiques Magazine covers it all. Prepare to be inspired by the incredible artistry and craftsmanship featured in each issue.

Additional Magazine Recommendations

Continuing the exploration of Art & Antiques Magazine, let’s delve into some additional magazine recommendations that cater to your artistic interests.

If you’re looking for a publication that offers a comprehensive view of the American art scene, Art In America is a great choice. With its 10 issues per year, it covers a wide range of topics including contemporary art, museum exhibitions, and artist profiles. It’s known for its in-depth analysis and critical reviews.

On the other hand, if you’re more interested in antiques and decorative arts, The Magazine Antiques is worth considering. With its 12 issues per year, it focuses on the history, craftsmanship, and preservation of antiques. It also features articles on interior design and collecting tips.

While both magazines share a passion for art and antiques, they differ in their editorial focus, catering to different tastes and interests.

Contact Information for Art & Antiques Magazine

For contact information regarding Art & Antiques Magazine, please refer to the following details:

  1. Magazine-Agent.com Sales Rank: 543 – This ranking reflects the popularity and trustworthiness of the magazine among readers and collectors.
  2. Website: Art & Antiques – Visit the official website to explore the magazine’s digital content, subscription options, and additional resources.
  3. Customer Service Number: (888) 350-0951 – For any inquiries, subscription-related questions, or assistance, reach out to the dedicated customer service team.

Art & Antiques Magazine also offers opportunities for customer reviews, allowing readers to share their thoughts and insights on the content, articles, and features. Additionally, the magazine provides advertising opportunities for businesses and individuals looking to reach a discerning audience of art enthusiasts and collectors.

Whether you have feedback to share or are interested in advertising, Art & Antiques Magazine is ready to connect and engage with you.

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