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Write the Damn Book Already

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A guide to writing transformative nonfiction or inspirational memoir from a 6x author with nearly two decades’ experience in the book writing and publishing space. If you’ve ever thought, “I really want to write a book, but…” this book is for you.


A guide to writing transformative nonfiction or inspirational memoir from a 6x author with nearly two decades’ experience in the book writing and publishing space.If you’ve ever thought, “I really want to write a book, but…” this book is for you.Despite what you may have heard, becoming a successful author isn’t about having 67,973 Instagram followers, reaching “bestselling” status for seven seconds, or having Beyoncé take your book on tour with her (as amazing as that would be!).It’s about impacting one person so deeply that they can’t help but recommend your book again and again. It’s also about uncovering more of yourself while you tell your story so that your unique light can’t help but shine more brightly upon the world.This practical, thorough guide to writing and publishing nonfiction and memoir helps you:★ Go from constantly questioning your writing ability, message, and expertise to confidently owning the valuable insights and perspectives you bring to the world★ Remove overthinking when it comes to how a book “should” come together and instead gain absolute clarity in the book-writing process your favorite authors follow★ Remove all confusion around what topics to cover and which stories to tell to ensure your target readers say, “This book is exactly what I need!” ★ Understand the six lesser-talked-about steps you really need to consider when writing a truly impactful book★ Discover how writing for emotional impact unexpectedly transforms the lives of you and your readers★ Get completely clear on your book’s core message, your magnetic hook, and how to speak directly to your target readers with understanding, compassion, and a roadmap that clearly lays out their next steps (if you’re writing nonfiction)★ Identify how to powerfully share your story in a way that facilitates perspective-shifting conversations, greater societal awareness, and social change (if you’re writing memoir)★ Create an epic book outline that helps you masterfully organize your thoughts, experiences, and insights into a powerful book that readers can’t put downYou don’t need more experience, motivation, or hours in the day to write a book you’re immensely proud of. Once you know what to focus on and how to navigate the avalanche of “But what if…?” that arises along the way, you’ll finally be able to get the damn book written so it can take its rightful place as someone else’s favorite read.www.PublishAProfitableBook.comTESTIMONIALS”WRITE THE DAMN BOOK ALREADY is a truth-telling, lighthearted, encouraging roadmap to getting that book done. Lyons stomps all over the fears that keep us from starting and finishing our life’s work. I wish I’d read it a long time ago!”–Annabel Monaghan, author of Nora Goes Off Script”Elizabeth has presented¾and then refuted¾every mental obstacle to book-writing so that even the most anxious would-be author with eight million excuses NOT to write a book will be compelled to just write it.”–Zibby Owens, author of Bookends: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Literature

About Elizabeth Lyons

These days, Elizabeth is many things: mom of 5 (including a set of twins), friend, lunch maker, chauffeur, hostage negotiator, author, on-call plumber, tile layer, guitar student, window washer, product designer, and on and on. She is the author of Holy Sh*t…I’m Having Twins! The Definitive Guide to Remaining Calm When You’re Twice as Freaked Out and Ready or Not…There We Go: The REAL Experts’ Guide to the Toddler Years with Twins—humorous, solutions-packed, tell-it-like-it-is guides to the first year and toddler years with twins. She is also the author of You Cannot Be Serious: and 32 Other Rules that Sustain a (Mostly) Balanced Mom.She demands the right to do things her way–a way that often defies even the most creative imaginations–and she strives to inspire others to do things their way (once they figure out what their way is!).Elizabeth lives in Arizona with her five kids, two dogs, two fish, four barely surviving organic gardens, and whatever (or whomever) else has taken up residence with them in the last five minutes.Please feel free to contact Elizabeth at author (at) elizabethlyons (dot) com. She would love to hear from you, and she prides herself on punctual responses. But if you send an e-mail between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., you’ll have to wait a bit because those are the hours during which she either thinks about or actually engages in sleep, the latter of which is completely non-negotiable. Her websites are:www.ElizabethLyons.comwww.FirstYearWithTwins.comwww.PublishAProfitableBook.com

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