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Be Stubborn

Author: Opeyemi Ojo
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So, I come to you in the sincerity of my true self, revealing to you my mistakes and trophies as I share ‘hard truths’ about faith, family, finance, the future, fear, and failures.


Writing this book was a test of my audacity and firmness of decision in making an impact and leaving a legacy. Not many people would strip themselves bare to show their scars and stars as I have done in this book, which makes your experience with this book more than just reading my thoughts, but holding a piece of my life in your hands to glean from all I have learned from the school of life.I am glad I was able to overcome the temptation of holding back while pouring myself on the pages of this book. With some life stories and secrets of my personal, business and professional journeys shared across the chapters of this book, I have no doubt you are in for a journey of transformation. Beyond feeling a tingle of motivation or a rush of inspiration, point you to some rare and ‘pocketed’ truths, and set you on the right track to fulfillment and destiny.I wrote this not as someone that is there yet but far better than where I was yesterday.Have the moment of your life!

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Opeyemi Ojo


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