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Sensibility and Sense

Author: Sandy Grissom


This is a follow up to Ms, Jane Austen’s book . It takes the characters further on their paths while creating romances and happier lives for several ladies. More


Elinor and Marianne are happily married now but there are still stories to be told of the other characters presented in Ms. Austen’s book. This book is my interpretation of what might have been for them. Namely Beth Williams and Sophia Grey.along with a bit about Margaret Dashwood.

About Sandy Grissom

Sandy Grissomhas loved books all her life. That love began by listening to her older sister read when she was still too young to discover the magic for herself. She’s read everything from history to the phone book but her favorite authors are James Michener, Agatha Christie and the mystic William Blake.Over the years, romantic novels became a favorite. The top of that list is Pride and Prejudice. When she retired she had too much time on her hands and spent too much money and trips to the library to get books in order to satisfy her restless soul. It was then she began to write herself.As an adult she held a variety of jobs, all of them grist for her imaginative mind. The occupations in Choppy Waters will hopefully inspire someone to fight for their own dreams, to never give up on themselves or on love. A widow, Sandy recently moved to southern Indiana where she lives near the younger of her two beloved sisters.

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Sandy Grissom


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