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The Fascinating World of Dogs

Author: Ali Hassan
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Interesting Facts and Myths about Dogs | A Book for Kids, Teens, Adults who love Dogs


“The Fascinating World of Dogs” is an informative and entertaining exploration of our beloved furry friends. From their origins and evolution to their fascinating behaviors and quirks, this book covers a wide range of interesting and weird facts about dogs.Did you know that dogs have a sense of time, or that they can smell fear? The book delves into these and many other fascinating aspects of dog behavior and biology. In addition to presenting scientific research and data, “The Fascinating World of Dogs” also examines popular myths about dogs. Do dogs really see in black and white? Are some breeds inherently more aggressive than others? The book separates fact from fiction, providing readers with a well-rounded understanding of these lovable creatures.Whether you’re a lifelong dog lover or simply interested in learning more about these fascinating animals, “The Fascinating World of Dogs” is a must-read. Packed with interesting tidbits and insights, this book will deepen your appreciation for our four-legged friends and leave you with a newfound respect for their incredible abilities.Inside the Book:- Information about different breeds of Dogs- Amazing and Mind-blowing facts about Dogs- Widely believed myths about Dogs- The reading level is perfect for all ages from 5+- A perfect gift for Dog lovers in your family and friends- Eye-catching photos of Dogs

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