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The Dragon versus the Koala

Author: Darren Stein
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The Dragon versus the Koala is a short story that provides a speculative snapshot of a war between the People’s Republic of China and Australia. While the United States fights for its own life, Australia is left alone across a vast ocean in which its greatest ally is unable to come to its defense.


It did not start with a conventional attack. There were no shells or missiles to herald the start of hostilities. Instead, it began with a match; a conflagration that turned Australia’s natural environment against it in a destructive wave that brought it to its knees.With its greatest ally fighting for its life, Australia was abandoned to fend for itself at the bottom end of the world. Facing a foe much larger than itself, they watched the Chinese military pick apart its defenses and drive it towards inevitable surrender.

About Darren Stein

Darren Stein is an Australian writer and poet. He teaches English at a high school on Sydney’s North Shore. His work has been published in a variety of publications, most recently, Poetica, Metaphor, Rangitawa Press, Tree House Arts, Going Down Swinging and Quail Bell Magazine. He is married with two children and a fat and happy guinea pig named Creeper. He has written two books, “Storage Space: A collection of contemporary poetry” and “The Nut House Poems”, released by Red Dashboard Publications and available on Amazon.

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