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Tanner 01 – Rogue Agent

Author: Robin Flett
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Dennis Tanner is a field agent for the Agency for Temporal Research. Each book contains a dramatized report of three Tanner missions into the past.


PORTAL The Agency for Temporal Research operates a solar observatory in the distant past, providing valuable information about the sun’s earlier history. But the unmanned observatory has shut down. Shielded, reinforced power lines have been found neatly cut apart. With it’s reputation at stake, the Agency sends Tanner to investigate.RAIDERS OF THE SCROLLS The Agency for Temporal Research has been asked for something a little ‘unusual’. Scholars want them to save some scrolls from the ancient Library of Alexandria. Dennis Tanner must raid the Library before it is burnt to the ground and the contents lost forever. Sounds like an easy mission for once – but he’s been wrong before.ROGUE AGENT Stearman was a long-term colleague of Tanner’s, but now he has disappeared in 10th century England. His mission has run to a stop and Stearman is nowhere to be found. The past has its dangers, and more than one time traveller has disappeared without trace. Occasionally one has gone rogue, and then Tanner or one of the other field agents is dispatched to restore order to the timeline. Is Alex Stearman lost, injured or dead … or simply in hiding?

About Robin Flett

Robin Flett was born in Scotland more years ago than he cares to remember. Early retirement released him from the daily drudgery and sent him on the path to becoming an author. A rocky and painful path, as many will know!His first love has always been science fiction, but now he has embarked on new voyages with a contemporary thriller entitled The Purple Contract. Other projects are pending.Robin resides in northern Scotland with his two cats.

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