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Spiritual Revolution: Rise of the Unmarked

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The Bible’s predictions of the world have come true. People are given a mark to participate in society. There is a One World Government and One World Church. Christians join together to battle the evil that has come to dominate the earth.

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This is the first book in the Spiritual Revolution series. The Bible’s predictions of the future have come true. There is a world government as well as a One World Church. All people are required to have a mark on their right hand. Without the mark, people can’t participate in any area of society. Things have moved beyond simply marking people. The world government now implants people. This enables them to electronically view and hear what an implanted person sees as well as hears. It is a way to keep track of people’s behavior. There is a supreme evil behind all the actions of the world government as well as the One World Church. Most people don’t realize or understand what is happening. It is up to the few remaining Christians to make people aware of this and provide a way to battle it. They discover how to get rid of their mark and join the fight against evil dominating the world.

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J. Michael Krivyanski


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