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Sofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III

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They call us the suffering. We are their guides and they are our shields.


Anika Dinsmore is a ticking time bomb, but so are the defalne trying to kill and infect all human or Amaranthine on the planet.It had been a long, hard day of hunting defalne. They were all exhausted, and Anika Dinsmore wanted to rest.The sense of danger envelopes her. No pheirgr were around. It was against the rules for a sofrir to pursue alone. Their numbers were dwindling.She would lose her meager pay. Lose her meals.But that was the sniff of a child.They call us the suffering. We are their guides and they are our shields.This is the 6th book in The Guardian of Life world.Hope of the FutureDaughter of the Red PlanetAncient ScarsUnder Empty StarsCreations of the GalaxySofrir & Pheirgr of Atalantius Omega III

About Kimberly Sue Iverson

Kimberly Sue Iverson is a multi-genre author born and raised in Washington State. She’s written over 45 stories, including the paranormal romance world Dark Moon Dynasty Universe which has its own website, and The Guardian of Life world, which combines science fiction, fantasy, and a touch of horror. A fantasy adventure world for adults is currently in progress under the title Chronicles of the Sorceress Maeve – Fortunes of Magic. Current prediction for the world is at least 5 novels but may be more. One short for the world is already published under, A Granddaughter’s Magical Curfew. She’s written novels such as Savage Lands and Anora; many different short stories such as Story of Her Career, and The Boy with the Lighter. She spends her days tending house, cooking, and filling time with a never-ending list of studies that grab her fancy. If you get to know her for any length of time, you will figure out what the name Kona means to her, and that she loves asking questions.Now posting discussions and help on YouTube under BerritBites.

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Kimberly Sue Iverson


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