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Smart: Guide for Product Managers

Author: Alden Globe
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The owner of the small café on Caye Caulker brews a lively pot of freshly roasted coffee each morning. He built this establishment; ran the electric wiring, and installed the plumbing. How did he come by his knowledge, business savvy, food service, and construction skills? “Water, electricity; they are all a flow man; a flow,” he says. “Once you know the flow, you can do most anything.”


This is a book of field notes, now boiled down into brief, high-level checklists for product managers who seek to understand knowledge in a single revenue-generating business process and utilize it. They will locate the tacit knowledge, the tribal knowledge and the knowledge that lies between the documents that make the process work. They will capture it and put it to work in new ways. They might be building a software or information product (Section One: Build), or they might be implementing one for their organization (Section Two: Implement). Break information down into usable chunks, architect content to work for electronic authoring, storage, and distribution. Tie it to media and other resources. Make it mobile. Keep it updated, dynamic. Caffeinate intellectual property and put it to work in the field, online, in the organization and in all the software products, and networked products and devices they make, so that in the “programmable world,” in the “Internet of Things,” knowledge sharing between people, the environment, businesses, and devices is efficient, frictionless, and accurate.Knowledge will still be lost; but maybe we can foster awareness and do a better job of working on some of the bits that are worth preserving. That’s SMART.

About Alden Globe

Alden Globe is a published author and software value engineer from Marblehead, Massachusetts. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Victoria College at the University of Toronto, a degree in Law from the University of New Hampshire, and completed Delivering IT Services at Harvard Business School.After working in the judicial system, retail, radio, publishing, freelance writing, software, and aviation, his career focused on knowledge management and value for businesses seeking to improve the efficiency of commercial and military pilots, healthcare customer service agents, and IT professionals.Globe is the winner of the IABC Bronze Quill, Multimedia Magazine Hot 100, MISQ Quarterly Award, and is a Computerworld Smithsonian Laureate in addition to being recognized for technical innovation by US West, J.D. Edwards, Microsoft, Jeppesen a Boeing Co., and BMC software.Globe is an accomplished traveler who works remotely from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Case Madeira is his first novel.Keep in touch with Alden via:Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/stores/author/B002BLQ4L0?ingress=0&visitId=fbbf4f9f-9d38 Mastodon: https://mstdn.plus/@aglobe LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/aldenglobe Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alden.globe

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