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Rhyme Time

Author: Kelvie Biggie
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Whether you’re reading together with your little ones or they’re exploring these pages on their own, Rhyme Time is sure to entertain and engage with its charming rhymes. Each poem is carefully crafted to capture the magic and wonder of childhood, inviting readers to explore the world around them with fresh eyes and an open heart.


Rhyme Time is an enchanting children’s poetry book that captures the hearts of young readers aged 4 to 12. The playful and imaginative verses take children on a magical journey filled with wonder and delight, exploring the world around them in a fun and engaging way. Each rhyme is crafted with care and skill to encourage children to develop a love for language and creativity, inspiring them to read, write, and dream big. With whimsical verses and a charming narrative style, Rhyme Time is the perfect addition to any child’s library, igniting their imagination and sparking a lifelong passion for the written word.

About Kelvie Biggie

Kelvin Tumelo Kahindi, writing under the pen name Kelvie Biggie, is a poet, author, and businessman. Born in Tanzania, Kelvin developed a passion for literature at a young age and began writing poetry as a way to express his emotions and thoughts. His writing is heavily influenced by his personal experiences and observations of the world around him. Kelvin’s poetry has been praised for its raw and honest depiction of the human experience. Through his words, he explores themes of love, loss, hope, and perseverance, inviting readers to connect with their own emotions and find comfort in the power of language. His previous poetry collections, “Love as We Know It” and “The Beauty of Life’s Imperfections,” have been well-received by readers and critics alike, earning him a dedicated following of fans. In addition to his writing, Kelvin is also a successful businessman, running a successful company that specializes in Foreign Currency Trading . He is Business Oriented and has applied his entrepreneurial spirit to all aspects of his life. Overall, Kelvin Tumelo Kahindi is a talented writer whose passion for literature and the human experience shines through in his poetry. His unique voice and honest approach to writing have made him a beloved figure in the literary world and a source of inspiration for readers around the globe.

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