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Psychedelics, Transcendence and Spirituality

Author: Winston Hampton
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Psychedelics, Transcendence and Spirituality brings you closer to a global consciousness shift desperately needed to handle the looming problems in today’s world. It is a must-read for those hoping for entheogenic expansion for spiritual growth. Whether you’re a long-time psychedelic user or someone curious about marijuana, this book will open your awareness beyond current perspectives.


Winston Hampton was a devoted psychedelic drug explorer following the pioneering work of Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, and Ram Dass. Shifting his Life Path toward spiritual awakening, he left entheogenic drug use for a rigorous spiritual practice in 1979. Through extensive training and practice in human energy field dynamics, consciousness transformation, and spiritual counseling, Winston is a visionary for a global paradigm shift in consciousness. In Psychedelics, Transcendence and Spirituality, he brings forward revolutionary information clarifying how psychotropic drugs affect us energetically and spiritually.Follow Winston as, through his own experiences, he leads you on a quantum journey into holistic awareness of self and the universe as energy. Learn how to view yourself as a spiritual and energetic being, seeing with the eyes of Soul. Understand how to become a Spiritual Scientist who uses scientific methods for spiritual advancement to directly experience transcendental states. Discover a Quantum Model of consciousness and the world of the energetic human. Guided by the awarenesses of his spiritual and consciousness teachers, Winston reveals and specifies the profound and invisible effects of psychotropic drugs on human consciousness.Psychedelics, Transcendence and Spirituality brings you closer to the global consciousness shift humanity desperately needs to handle the looming questions and problems facing us in today’s world. It is a must-read for psychedelic researchers and explorers hoping for entheogenic expansion on their own spiritual path or for the good of all. Whether you’re a long-time psychedelic user, someone curious about marijuana, or a researcher seeking cures for PTSD or depression, this book will open your eyes and awareness in ways that deeply transcend your current perspectives.

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