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Perfect Timing – The Boxset

Author: Aimee Brissay
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Some secrets can get you killed, even if you’re already dead.

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Some secrets can get you killed, even if you’re already dead. Valentin Alekseev prays for death while running for his life, hunted for secrets he shouldn’t know exist. Sick and alone, his coven decimated, he’s in such bad shape, he can’t even tell that the man who caught his eyes is a shifter.For Shawn Dougal, falling for a man, especially a vampire, was never an option. After all, shifters and bloodsuckers don’t mix. They haven’t for centuries, not since the war that nearly whipped out their races. But he can’t deny his attraction for Valentin. Nor can he resist from breaking into a vampire castle to retrieve him when Valentin is kidnapped in search for a powerful artifact.With their enemies hot on their heels, their only chance to survive is to find the artifact first. Their quest leads them into Russia, Valentin’s home. More secrets are unearthed on the way there, and betrayals threaten to destroy both of them.In a world where nothing is as it seems, can a vampire a shifter survive together? And is their relationship strong enough for them to face the powerful enemies coming for them? This Boxset contains the entire Perfect Timing Trilogy:Out of Hope (Perfect Timing Book 1)Out of Time (Perfect Timing Book 2)Out of Choice (Perfect Timing Book 3)

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Aimee Brissay


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