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News Among Jews in Chicago

Author: Stan Howard
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News Among Jews in Chicago is a fast moving spiritually combative novel. This fresh account of the life of Christ opens with an otherworldly prologue, a discussion among heavenly hosts that prepares readers for Christ’s earthly mission. Jesus’ key leaders are introduced early on, and then groomed by him to play a major role in the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth.

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After centuries of human failure followed by divine deliverances by judges, prophets and kings, God decides the time is right to do something he has never done before. He will introduce Himself to humankind by sending His Son to America with the invitation for people everywhere to come home. Jesus is born into the home of poor Jews living in Chicago who cares for him in his youth before releasing him to pursue His Father’s business, which turns out to be the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth. The notion of competing kingdoms or governance imposed from another realm is not well received by Chicago politicians nor religious leaders. Formidable antagonists arise from different fronts creating a coalition that will seek to topple Christ’s rule before it takes hold.

About Stan Howard

Stan earned a B.A. in Biblical Studies at Trinity College and a Masters of Divinity at Trinity International University, both of which are located in Deerfield, Illinois. He completed a portion of his graduate studies on site in Israel. Stan has served as a pastor to single adults as well as an associate pastor in three different states over the span of more than ten years. He lives in Ohio with his wife, Theresa, with whom he has enjoyed 40 years of marriage. His previous publications include: News Among Jews in Chicago, Threading the Chicago Loop, Twelve Golden Monarchs and Loving Jennifer Tiles, each of which belong to his book series entitled: Water From a Rock.

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