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My Planet -Sky to Earth

Author: Iva
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The first part of the Anthology My Planet is called ”Sky to Earth” dedicated to the journey we all experience in our thoughts -which may take us from the everyday cliches and routines to the unknown, majestic and gripping life out there. Get ready for a thrilling and thought-inspiring trip which hopefully will engage you into discovering more about yourself. Safe landing!


The first part of the Anthology My Planet is called ”Sky to earth” and also dedicated to one of the poems in it. This book, I hope, will be the start of the cosmic journey filled with emotions and thoughts of the life we have on Earth and all the undiscovered extraterrestrial which lives somewhere far away from us. It will look like as there is no connection between here and there, however my true belief is that everything we have in our possession – thoughts, feelings, fears, material things are a projection of something that has happened long before us or will be the beginning of a new life which will come in the million years after us.I will be happy to take you on the this space-rocket trip which may give you peace of mind but at times it will also shake you to the core so that at the end you will be able to discover yourself beyond the known and conventional views and ideas which have been part of us for too long now.Cabin crew ready for takeoff!

About Iva

I started writing poetry in my early 20s and until today I have gathered around 600 poems dedicated on very different topics. Not until recently I started thinking about publishing my work and sincerely hope that you will find please and pieces of yourselves among the lines of my verses.Thank you for reading!

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