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My Fight with Covid

Author: Tangina Ann
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My fight with Covid 19 isn’t any more important then anyone elses. It doesn’t matter what side of the Polical Fence your on, if your pro vaccinagions or not we have all been affected in some way or another. The question is Why, How,and Who is the cause for all this Pain and Suffering? The World around us is changing rapidedly. Leaving us to wonder What Happens Now?


About Tangina Ann

Tangi grew up in small town Pennsylvania about 51 miles north of Pittsburgh her mom was a single mom with 5 children to raise on her own.Tangi previously worked on her Goat Ranch until she became disabled. She learned not only how to make cheese and butter, hatch chickens, ducks and geese learned how to interact with customers which was a big deal for the shy Tangina Ann. Author Tangina Ann prefers the country to the city for its peaceful living and serenity. A lover of taking pictures of nature, animals and passionate about her wood artShe’s opened a couple online stores using her artwork to design her clothes.

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Tangina Ann


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