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Man in the Maze

Author: Ann Stratton
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Cameron Lieberman has a mission. it’s not one he chose but had thrust on him and he can’t not carry it out. He wanders the heretic’s bazaar in an attempt to find a way out. How can he kill this matriarch and free himself of this burden?


Hannelore Quinnel has given Cameron Lieberman a mission: kill the matriarch. So Cameron has come to the heretic’s bazaar with stiletto in hand to carry out this mission. He’s not a killer. He’s an ordinary man. He doesn’t know this matriarch, much less need to kill her but Hannelore Quinnell put the stiletto in his hand and told him to kill the matriarch.The heretic’s bazaar claims to hold the wisdom and guidance of every deity and philosophy even dreamed up by the mind of man. How can he find the release he longs for and let the matriarch live?

About Ann Stratton

Ann Stratton lives in Southeastern Arizona with her husband and her cat, trying to balance too many interests at once.

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Ann Stratton


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