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Loving your spouse the right way

Author: Felix Uzoma
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This book teaches couples how to love eachother and meet eachothers needs like security,sex,love,trust,attention,and many other things


This books teaches about how to love your spouse and make your marriage work,it talks about so many things,some of the things this book teaches about include(1) communication: Telling your wife that you are too busy with your office work,and that you don’t really have the time to pick her calls,to give her that attention that she needs because you are busy at work,or you are busy with friends or family will seriously hurt her.The more you keep giving explanations about why you don’t pick her calls sometimes,why you have not been able to create that special time to be with her on her birthdays,when she needs comfort,sex then the more you keep hurting your wife.What you need to say to your wife is to tell her that she is the most important person In your life,tell her that you will always create that special time to be with her, don’t give logical explanations of how busy you have been with work,friends,parties or family,because no matter how right your explanations might look You are unconsciously telling your wife that you don’t love her and that she is not the most important thing in your life,which can keep hurting her.When she is very a angry you should Tell her that you are sorry for not picking her calls,for not giving her that attention that she needs. Even though you were in a serious meeting in your office when she called you,you should still apologize to her.(3) arguments: when you are in a serious argument with your wife,sometimes you should try to admit that you are wrong even when you are right,this is because sometimes what you are arguing with her can be something that is gradually create a lasting hurt and pain on her.Especially when the argument are coming from different issues in the house everday.It can be an argument of who always leave the room dirty,when she begins to argue with you,sometimes just tell her that it’s ok that you will clean it and don’t keep arguing with her to know who is logically right.when you do this You are preventing her from getting hurt,and the reason why she will get hurt is because she is not emotionally very strong. because if you start arguing with her she might feel that she is dirty,and that can keep hurting her especially if that argument continues for many weeks.Sometimes if your wife does something wrong in the house just correct it by yourself especially when you know that she is emotionally unhealthy and too weak to accept too much corrections.Too much corrections cause bad communication because your spouse can feel criticized and very bad of herself.When your wife is hurt and angry during an argument,what you should do is to first tell her that it is okay that you are wrong and she is right so that those Pains and hurts can heal.Tell her that she is wonderful and excellent,praise her because you understand that she is presently feeling bad of herself because of the argument.Those words will heal her and overtime she will realize that she was wrong during that argument,so don’t force things on her.Wives should also do the same for their husbands.(3)Security: Every spouse needs to feel secured.Untill you feel secured you will never feel loved by your spouse.No matter how your spouse try to love you by buying you gifts,kissing you,and romancing you,you will never feel loved because your spouse is making you feel unsecured.Till today so husbands try to give explanations for being around a female friend that makes their wives to feel unsecured.The more you try to explain to your wife that the person that she is fighting against is just friend the more she gets hurt.It doesn’t matter if you are logically right.The truth is this,your wife is unsecured and this is because her emotional strength is not strong enough to tolerate what you are telling her.What you are supposed to do is to tell that she is the most important person in your life and tell her that your will stay away from that your friend that makes her feel unsecured.

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