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A Book of Dragon Stories (Illustrated)

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A compellation of short Dragon Stories with annotated pictures to bring new life to the tales


To enhance this old book, Charlie Sweeney hasupdated illustrations to reflect a more moderninterpretation of Dragons and other images

About Charlie Sweeney

Charlie Sweeney is a part time author and full time IT Manager. Charlie is a Scotsman by birth but has lived in Castlederg Northern Ireland with his wife Sharon for just over eleven years. At 55 he had no real intention to write a book but he found a strong story forming in his head and when he shared it with his wider family, he was encouraged to put pen to paper. And so The Gathering and the world of the Clan was born, based on the landscape around him.Join him in this new world of surprisesOpen your eyes to what is all around you

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Charlie Sweeney


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