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Love at First Write: Balancing Love and Creativity

Author: Rajesh Giri
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“Love at First Write: Balancing Love and Creativity” is a heartwarming romantic short story with romantic poems that explores the challenges of balancing love and creative passions. Follow Reshma and Badal’s journey as they navigate their growing attraction to each other while pursuing their writing dreams at a retreat. Perfect for romantics and aspiring writers alike.


“Love at First Write: Balancing Love and Creativity” is a romantic short story with romantic poems that follows the story of two writers who meet and fall in love at a writing retreat. With their shared passion for writing and their growing attraction to each other, Reshma and Badal must navigate the challenges of balancing their creative ambitions with their newfound relationship.This novel offers readers a heartwarming and hilarious tale of love, creativity, and the pursuit of dreams. Some of its key features include:A unique premise that explores the challenges of balancing love and creative passionsA well-crafted romantic plot that will leave readers swooningHilarious and relatable characters that will keep readers engaged and investedBeautifully descriptive prose that transports readers to the idyllic writing retreat settingA heartwarming and satisfying ending that will leave readers feeling uplifted and inspired.Romantic poem to thrill and relax with every chapter.”Love at First Write: Balancing Love and Creativity” is a must-read for anyone who has ever pursued their creative passions while navigating the complexities of love and relationships. It is a testament to the power of love, the beauty of the creative process, and the endless possibilities that come with following one’s dreams.

About Rajesh Giri

Rajesh Kumar Giri is a renowned lecturer of Mathematics, content writer, and a Practical Success Coach. With a passion for writing academic and educational content, Rajesh guides and trains people worldwide, breaking the barriers of language and region with his simple and easy-to-understand writing skills.Rajesh’s journey began in a poor family in a remote area of West Champaran, where he faced numerous challenges in paying for higher education. Despite the obstacles, he persevered and completed his degree, taking his first steps towards educating people and sharing his rags-to-riches ideas. Today, he resides in New Delhi, the capital of India, with his beautiful wife and two lovely sons, and he remains dedicated to serving poor students by providing free education online and offline.Rajesh has been writing content in the education, affiliate marketing, and health niches since 2006. He believes that experiences speak louder than imaginary and bookish ideas, and his words connect with readers and result in conversions. As a Practical Success Coach, he helps people overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve their goals through practical techniques and strategies.With his wealth of experience and passion for writing, Rajesh is committed to helping people around the world unlock their full potential and achieve success in all areas of their lives.

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