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Know Your Needs – Dating With Intention Workbook

Author: Sera Mercury
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How To Get Clear About What You Need From A Partner So You Can Choose Well


Do you usually choose partners who aren’t right for you? Are you dreaming of a wonderful, healthy relationship, but don’t know how to find “the one”?The Know Your Needs workshop gets to the heart of who you are, and who you need.Through a series of fun exercises, dating coach Sera Mercury will help you uncover your deepest values, desires, and relationship requirements.Studies show that relationships based on mutual values are long-lasting and deeply fulfilling.You’ll learn how to find out if someone else’s values align with yours early in the dating process, and how to quickly move on from people who aren’t suited to you.Know Your Needs will also help you identify the subconscious patterns that led you to choose inappropriate partners in the past.Using visualisation techniques, you’ll overcome these patterns and draw the kind of partner you need into your world. A committed partner who shares your values, and values you for who you are.Purchase of the book comes with email support from the author.This workbook is especially helpful if you are a people pleaser or struggle with codependency.

About Sera Mercury

Sera Mercury is a Dating & Self Love Coach. As the founder of Soul Coaching, Sera specialises in authentic dating and self love coaching for single people looking to truly connect with their life partner.Sera believes that by removing the masks we learn to wear, learning to love ourselves, knowing our needs, and utilising empowered dating skills, we hold the keys to finding a relationship that will truly make us happy, meet our needs, and endure.Sera is a certified Life Coach, Emotion Code Practitioner & Holistic Events Coordinator. She holds a diploma in Inner Child Healing and is certified in Inner Child Communication. She is currently undertaking a degree in Psychology, and holds Harvard cerfitification in Managing Happiness.

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