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Kaon Rising

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Captain Sinclair Barrett has a mission in front of him that seems to defy odds. The Earth Alliance wants him to lead a crew into the unknown reaches of space in pursuit of species thought to be extinct.


Humans have never shirked away from a challenge and as such, the Earth Alliance had colonized a lot of space. Though not quite welcomed by other races, humanity carved it’s empire out of the stars and were ready to keep it until they came.It started with an outer colony but the threat of annihilation was only a few jumps away. In response, Captain Sinclair Barrett has been instructed to take a ship into unexplored space to find the thought to be extinct threat and discover its true intentions.With a ragtag team, Captain Barrett has everything stacked against him and a clock ticking down.

About Jonathan J Snyder

From the heights of the caffeine high to the lows of floors and under furniture comes the tales of Jonathan Snyder. These good stories are forged with love and obsession, destined to keep the author from going insane.Supported on his quest by a beautiful princess who became his wife and two fierce warrior children who remind daddy that there is the world to take on.

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Jonathan J Snyder


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